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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Diva Marries NFL Quarterback

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today 
                  Monday, May 14, 2007

RAW Superstar Depressed, Diva Marries NFL Quarterback 
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Former WWE Diva Search runner-up Carmella DeCesare married 
NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia last week in California. The 
two have been seeing each other for several years. 

WWE RAW superstar Rory McAllister is said to be suffering 
from some type of depression. On his MySpace web site 
McAllister posted, "I am going through some very hard 
times and as such, can't devote any time to myspace. I 
may be shutting the site down. I haven't figured out what 
I want to do yet. I just know I'm miserable." 

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New Update On Mr. Kennedy; Major Roster Changes, More 
Story By: Steve Carrier
Partial Credit: PWTorch.com

- Mr. Kennedy has indeed suffered a very serious triceps 
tear, that happened this past weekend. Kennedy will undergo 
surgery sometime soon and will be out of action for about 
six months. 

This is the reason why WWE had Edge win the Money in the 
Bank briefcase on RAW last night. Kennedy was limited as 
to what he could do in the ring, explaining why it was 
such a short match. Expect major roster changes on 
SmackDown and RAW in the coming week since both Kennedy 
and The Undertaker are going to be out with serious 
injuries. These changes could involve one Randy Orton, who 
we posted about yesterday. Some of these changes could 
start tonight at the SmackDown tapings. 

This is Kennedy's second major injury in less than 18 
months. He tore a muscle in his back in December of 2005 
that put him out until June of 2006. 

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Official WWE SmackDown! Preview: Batista/Undertaker 
Story By: Patrick Boucher
Source: WWE.com

The SmackDown realm has become Rated-R with its new World 
Heavyweight Champion, Edge. 

At the conclusion of the Steel Cage Match between 
Undertaker and Batista, the Rated-R Superstar capitalized 
on the beaten and exhausted gladiators and cashed in his 
Money in the Bank title opportunity. Want to see how it 
all went down - from the hellacious cage confrontation to 
the execution of Edge's calculative scheme? Tune in this 
Friday night for the dramatic and historic edition of 

Montel Vontavious Porter is another Superstar in search of 
gold, and the cocky MVP is the No. 1 contender to Chris 
Benoit's United States Championship. Can MVP find a way to 
defeat the Rabid Wolverine to claim his first bling on 


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                      Reader's Forum

John Cena, ha,ha,ha,ha, got his ass whooped like a b*tch 
he is, John Cena has been a great champ HAS BEEN is the 
key two words, give dues where dues are due Shawn Michaels 
is well over due for a title reign, just like the 
Undertaker was well over due and finally it happened, it 
gets tiring every monday night cena coming out and giving 
the same speach the champ is here and I don't back down 
from nobody, the only reason he still is champ is because 
the story writers fell asleep at their desks, WAKE UP GUYS 
AND GALS DRINK SOME COFFEE lets get on with the show, 
granted Shawn Michaels has been with the WWE-(WWF) for the 
number of years and the new talent if you will deserve some 
recognition, but Shawn has busted his ass over and over and 
even if he doesn't have a long title reign at least he can 
have the spotlight for a little while, some may not agree 
with my opion but thats fine, and another huge joke is 
duece and domino come on their like retards on cafeine, 
Batista I was a huge fan of him, but when I read about him 
not even giving this child a look at or not even wanting to 
give him a second of attention and this little boy could 
not wait to see him and was excited about meeting him on 
his birthday then Batista had the gull to act like a baby, 
why because he's not world champion boo hoo get over it, 
vinnie mac ecw champion ha,ha,ha,ha, vince I've watched you 
for years on t.v. running raw and doing annoucing by ring 
side you were better at doing that and letting your talent 
run the show, baldy...I hope rvd kicks your ass and I'm not 
even a huge fan of rvd, I watch TNA on thursday nights now 
that I enjoy, theres more wrestling and action there, I 
didn't even watch ecw tuesday night it's boring same ole 
crap each tuesday, ecw originals fueding with the new 
breed, vinnie mac coming out running his chops, I know alot 
of you fans out there that read this won't agree with me 
but thats fine, you have your opions I have mine I've 
watched wwe (WWF)since the early 80's and alot of it is 
trash now, but things change and nothing ever stays the 
same, I won't stop watching it but like many of you I can 
write my opion.... 

- James G. 

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