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Publication: Diet Buddy
Ditch The Salt, Ditch The Pounds!

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           Diet Buddy - Monday, July 9, 2007
Ditch The Salt, Ditch The Pounds! 

Hi There Buddies...

We all have our little eating habits that we know are 
probably not the best thing for us and our health, and 
eating too much sodium is one of them...guilty! Not only 
does it make us retain water and gives us a false reading 
on our scale, but it can also increase our blood pressure 
and contribute to heart disease.

Of course some of us think everything tastes better with a 
little salt on it...but there are certainly much better 
choices out there that can keep our taste buds satisfied 
and yearning for more.  

Below are some healthy tips to help us ditch the salt 
and ditch some pounds as well, compliments of Diet Bites 

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How Reducing Salt Intake Generates Weight Loss & Improves 
Level of Health!

Water Retention

At this moment you may be carrying around 3 pounds OR more 
of false weight due to excess sodium intake.  Excess sodium 
in your daily diet encourages water retention.  Think about 
this:  Our bodies are comprised chiefly of water and water 
weighs heavily.  Get rid of excess sodium in the diet and 
you'll naturally get rid of 3 or more unwanted pounds while 
achieving a higher level of health.  As a note, it may take 
the body a few days to release the pent-up water due to 
sodium intake, so exercise patience while you're exercising 
on reducing sodium intake.

Sodium-Packed Foods  

Many foods containing a high sodium content also contain a 
high fat content.  Eliminating OR reducing these foods in 
the daily diet will create a scene for natural weight loss.  
Salty chips, salty crackers, salty nuts, salty pickles, 
salty bacon, salty fast foods and so forth all contribute 
to false weight when sodium content exceeds what your body 
needs to function smoothly. 

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Sodium Culprits!

Sodium hides in the most unsuspecting places.  Take steamed 
shrimp which contains about 195 mg of sodium per 3 ounces.  
Here is just a short list of foods containing high levels 
of sodium.  How many are in your daily diet?  How might you 
work towards stamping out or modifying your sodium intake 
to the recommended level...?

* Cold breakfast cereals - a serving of Kellogg's Frosted 
  Flakes contains 150 mg of sodium.  In comparison, a 
  serving of salty-tasting Lays Potato Chips contains only 
  180 mg of sodium.

* Pickled foods - 1 dill pickle contains about 800 mg of 

* Saltine crackers - contain about 140 mg of sodium - 
  possibly more depending upon the brand.

* 5 ounce cheeseburger - contains about 1,000 mg of sodium.

* Processed meats - one slice of deli ham may contain 500 
  or more mg of sodium.

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Types of Salt!

Kosher Salt - a course-textured salt produced by using 
methods approved under Orthodox Jewish Laws.  Kosher salt 
is generally rubbed on uncooked meats which works to absorb 
blood within the meat while enhancing flavor.  The crust 
created by the large size of the salt works as a barrier to 
lock-in the meat juices during the cooking process, as well 
as in keeping the salt from being absorbed by the meat.

Sea Salt - the remains of evaporated sea water high in 
sodium chloride.  Because this variety of salt is rich, 
flavors in foods can be accomplished with less salt.  Other 
elements of sea salt include: calcium, iron, potassium, 
magnesium and zinc.

Common Table Salt - purified rock salt ripped of its 
natural element iodine which may be added after the 
refining process. Both iodized and non-iodized versions 
of table salt can be found in abundance at the local 
market in an assortment of grain size, from fine to 
course.  Look for enhanced versions of salt, such as 
Morton's Fire Salts which can heat up your diet plan 
when used in moderation. 

Rock Salt - is usually used to freeze ice cream 
concoctions. As a note, rock salt is unsuitable for foods 
and has many uses other than an ice cream freezing agent, 
such as melting accumulated snow and ice.

Recommended Methods When Opting Out of Salt!

> Rather than salt, reach for spices, lemon/lime - or any 
  citrus based natural fruits, and extracts.

> If you're attempting to reduce salt, doing so slowly 
  might work for you.  Salt intake is a bit like butter and 
  sugar intake - the less you use, the less you'll want.


Did You Know ???

The USDA Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Sodium 
Intake equals no more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per 
day, which is just a tab more than a teaspoon of table 
salt. Of course, body size and weight also play an 
important element in the Sodium Factor, so 2,400 
milligrams per day may be too much sodium for the 
smaller than average individual. 

Have a great week everyone !!! 

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice. 


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