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Publication: Gizmorama
Distance learning enrollment spikes

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Gizmorama - Distance learning enrollment spikes
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	   Distance learning enrollment spikes

Enrollment in online classes offered by Florida's colleges and 
universities has spiked amid increased interest in distance 
learning, officials said. Some schools are adding more Internet 
course sections in subjects from sociology to biology, and 
students are rushing to fill the slots, The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune 
reported Sunday. The high price of gasoline and the limited 
number of classroom seats -- since some schools have made budget 
cuts -- have contributed to the appeal of distance learning, the 
newspaper said. At Hillsborough Community College, online 
enrollment this summer increased 36 percent from last year.
"I don't think HCC has yet reached our potential for distance-
learning demand," said Chad Hyatt, the school's director of 
instructional technology. Since online courses require no new 
classrooms, the offerings are appealing to administrators.
To take advantage of the special course offerings, students 
pay distance learning fees.


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	 Source of Arctic Northern lights revealed

U.S. scientists working with NASA said they've uncovered the 
source of substorms in space that fuel the explosive energy 
behind the northern lights. Vassilis Angelopoulos, a professor 
at the University of California, Los Angeles and lead 
investigator of the NASA-funded mission known as THEMIS -- Time 
History of Events and Macroscale Interactions, said the energy 
comes from magnetic fields. "Our data show clearly and for the 
first time that magnetic reconnection is the trigger," 
Angelopoulos said in a statement. "Reconnection results in a 
slingshot acceleration of waves and plasma along magnetic field 
lines, lighting up the aurora underneath even before the near-
Earth space has had a chance to respond. We are providing the 
evidence that this is happening." The energy release is responsible 
for the brightening of the aurora borealis or northern lights. 
The substorms also wreak havoc on satellites, power grids and 
communications systems, UCLA said. The findings are published in 
the journal Science

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	    No gender gap noted in math scores

A U.S. study found that girls have closed the gender gap in 
math performance. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin 
at Madison and University of California, Berkeley, studied SAT 
results and math scores from 7 million students and found that 
girls are just as good at math as boys. "There just aren't 
gender differences anymore in math performance," study leader 
Janet Hyde, a psychology professor at UW-Madison, said in a 
statement. "So parents and teachers need to revise their 
thoughts about this." The findings are published in the journal 
Science. Hyde said cultural beliefs that women aren't as good 
as men at math can have an impact on classroom performance.
"Because if your mom or your teacher thinks you can't do math, 
that can have a big impact on your math self concept," she said.


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