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Publication: Gizmorama
Dinosaur tracks found on Arabian Peninsula

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Gizmorama - Dinosaur tracks found on Arabian Peninsula
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Good Morning,
I'm sure if you are like me, you are sick of hearing about
how gas prices are going through the roof. I did see an 
article on this morning that caught my eye, about 6 Gas 
Saving Myths... If you have any Gas Saving Facts,
send them my way and I will include them in Reader Comments.
Here is the link if you want to read the article...

Until Tomorrow,

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  	 ESA ready to assist NASA's Phoenix mission

The European Space Agency says it is ready to help the U.S. 
space agency monitor the Phoenix spacecraft's descent and 
landing on Mars this weekend. The ESA said its Mars Express 
mission control team has completed major preparations for 
supporting the entry, descent and landing phases of the U.S. 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Phoenix mission. 
The ESA's Mars Express orbiting spacecraft will be pointed 
toward Phoenix's planned entry trajectory and will record 
signals broadcast from the lander as it plunges into the 
Martian atmosphere. That recorded data, ESA scientists said, 
will serve as a useful and potentially crucial back-up for 
NASA to compare Phoenix's planned and actual descent profiles. 
Landing is planned for 7:53 p.m. EDT Sunday. The European 
Space Agency said the mission marks the first time NASA has 
asked for operational support from the ESA's two deep-space 
tracking stations, located in Cebreros, Spain, and New 
Norcia, Australia.

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	   Dinosaur tracks found on Arabian Peninsula

A Dutch-led team of scientists has announced the discovery of 
the first dinosaur tracks to be found on the Arabian Peninsula.
Led by Anne Schulp of the Maastricht Museum of Natural History 
in the Netherlands, the researchers found evidence of a large 
ornithopod dinosaur, as well as a herd of 11 sauropods that 
apparently had been walking along a Mesozoic coastal mudflat 
in what is now Yemen. "No dinosaur trackways had been found in 
this area previously. It's really a blank spot on the map," 
said Schulp, who conducted the study with Ohio University 
paleontologist Nancy Stevens and Mohammed Al-Wosabi of Sana'a 
University in Yemen. The finding included preserved footprints 
of 11 small and large sauropods traveling together at the same 
speed. "It's rare to see such a big example of a dinosaur 
herd," Schulp said. "This is interesting social behavior for 
reptiles." Wosabi said the rocks in which the dinosaur tracks 
are preserved are some 150 million years old. The Yemen 
Geological Survey implemented protective measures to preserve 
the trackways and to improve their accessibility to tourists, 
the scientists said. The research appears in the online journal 
PLoS One.


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	   Global warming may increase kidney stones

U.S. urologists say rising global temperatures might lead to 
an increase in kidney stones. The study, presented Tuesday in 
Orlando, Fla., during the 103rd Annual Scientific Meeting of 
the American Urological Association, shows kidney stone disease, 
already linked with dehydration in warmer climates, will be 
exacerbated by global warning. As a result, scientists said 
the prevalence of kidney stone disease will increase, along 
with the costs of treating the condition. The southern United 
States is considered "the stone belt" because it has higher 
incidences of kidney stones. The researchers said rising global 
temperatures could expand that region with the fraction of the 
U.S. population living in high-risk stone zones predicted to 
grow from 40 percent in 2000 to 50 percent by 2050. That could 
lead to an increase of one to two million lifetime cases of 
stone disease. The cost associated with treating kidney stone 
disease could climb as high as one $1 billion annually by 2050, 
representing a 10 percent to 20 percent increase over present-
day estimates, the researchers said. The study, led by Dr. 
Margaret Pearl of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical 
Center, was reported in the April issue of the Journal of 


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