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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Did you know that...

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Issue date: Saturday, January 27, 2007
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hi Everyone!

There has been a real flurry of interesting information on 
strange phenomena and weird events coming to my attention 
lately, so let's take a look at some of the latest world 

Did you know that....

Scientists have found evidence of flowing water on Mars? 
In a Dec. 16/06 article published in New Scientist 
magazine, David L. Chandler reported that the latest 
images from the Mars Global Surveyor have revealed evidence 
of liquid flowing water, present on the red planet right 
now. This is way more than just dried up, dusty plains that 
may once have been ocean beds, or gullies that may once 
have held rushing rivers. The rover Opportunity has already 
found evidence, both physical and chemical, that water was 
once present on Mars, but now scientists are saying that 
groundwater might still be surfacing on Mars today, and at 
the least, has been flowing within the past 5 years. For 
those who believe that the presence of water is the main 
indicator that life as we know it exists, this is a huge 
discovery. Personally, I feel that the precept of the 
presence of water being a prerequisite to the existence 
of 'life' is too narrow and limiting, but the scientific 
'powers that be' seem to feel otherwise:>) Anyway, this 
is pretty amazing news!

Did you know that...

Birds are dying en masse mysteriously all over the world? 
I have had several news items come across my desk in the 
past few weeks about birds behaving strangely and/or dying 
in large numbers without any obvious signs of illness or 
logical cause. Last fall there were reports of some 1600 
bird carcasses found on shores of an Alaskan island; 
hundreds, perhaps thousands of barn owls being found dead 
around Boise, Southern Idaho along the I84; several 
thousands of native birds dropping dead out of the skies 
in West Australia, and dozens of dead birds mysteriously 
dropping from the skies in Austin, Texas. In Esperance, 
the centre of the West Australia , officials say they are 
baffled by the catastrophic event, with the gruesome, 
steady death toll coming to a stop only when no birds were 
left in the area to become new victims. 

Someone in Toronto wrote just a week or two ago about 
seeing about a hundred small birds dive bombing the ground 
- bizarre and scary behaviour to be sure. While climate 
change and the latest weather extremes across the globe 
are certainly a concern and a possible factor in some of 
these incidences, others wonder if there are paranormal 
causes of these mass deaths. Officials have looked at bird 
flu, exposure to chemicals, pollution, poisoning, and other 
types of disease for explanations but so far, most of these 
possible causes have been ruled out in spite of worldwide 
attention to these cases. As of yet, these cases of mass 
avian deaths are still a mystery - whether, as some say, 
this is a sign of an impending Armageddon or some sort of 
man made, biological or environmental cause - no one seems 
to know. 

Did you know that ...

A recent UFO sighting at O'Hare International Airport is 
being considered as part of a possible "flap", which is a 
time period when we experience a rash of UFO sightings and 

Dozens of United Airlines employees witnessed and reported 
a UFO in November, describing a saucer shaped object in the 
skies that hovered low over the airport for several minutes 
before taking off with such speed and force that it left a 
'hole' in the skies. The Chicago Tribune said, "All the 
witnesses to the O'Hare event, who included at least 
several pilots, said they are certain based on the disc's 
appearance and flight characteristics that it was not an 
airplane, helicopter, weather balloon or any other craft 
known to man." 

Reports of the sighting were initially denied by the FAA, 
who later confirmed the reports, but have since been 
explained the incident away as a weather phenomenon. 

Since then, there has been a major sighting and reports of 
a crashed UFO this month in Iran's Barrez Mounts, followed 
by further sightings in Arkansas, California, Maine, 
Washington, and Manitoba, Canada. Wonder who's next? 


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I recently received the following email from a reader 
named Dixi: 

"Greetings. Do spirits like being around water, as in when 
you are taking a shower?  I have had a few experiences in 
that fashion. I know it sounds crazy ... could you clue me 
in on this? Thank you." 
Hi Dixi,

No, your question doesn't sound crazy at all. In fact, the 
one time that I witnessed an orb distinctly with my naked 
eyes was while I was in the shower. 

Water has long been acknowledged for homeopathic and 
healing properties. Just consider holy water, the healing 
powers of springs, waterfalls, streams, lakes, water 
fountains, even simple baths. Water is also associated 
with emotions and the subconscious, and definitely with 
the mystical. 

Water has also been studied by metaphysicists for its 
possible ability to record and retain information, creating 
'memories', perhaps via a magnetic field, and if this is 
indeed the case, then water may be the perfect medium for 
recording or making possible various hauntings. 

Negative ions produced by running water create an 
atmosphere that is believed to enhance both health as well 
as mood and it has been suggested that an atmosphere with 
a high concentration of negative ions may also attract 
ghostly activity. Some paranormal researchers use NIDs 
(Negative Ion Detectors) to measure the atmosphere in 
haunted locations to detect if there is an excess of 
negative ions which many feel is associated with paranormal 

Hope this helps!

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Hi Zsuzsana-
I, as well as several family members, seem to be very
sensitive to spiritual communication, visits, etc.
After reading your recent columns on dreams, I felt I
wanted to share this with you.
My father passed on, suddenly, in 1976, leaving behind
my mother who was not in the best of health.  She had
suffered with heart problems including angina
attacks, diabetes, and digestive problems.  After
Daddy's passing, I often had dreams of him, in a
personal setting such as a scenario in our family
living room, the backyard, etc.   I soon came to
realize that when I had one of these dream visits, I
needed to call my mother and inevitably, she'd had a
bad night, with angina pain or whatever.  I would call
her and simply ask if she'd had a bad night, and she
would reply yes, wondering how I'd known.  After a
while, I confessed to her that Daddy was watching over
her, and letting me know when she needed me more than
usual.  This was very comforting to both myself and my
mother, knowing he was still very much with us and
taking care of her from afar. Unfortunately, I lost my
mother also in 1987, but still occasionally receive
messages from the both of them, as well as from my
granddaughter who we lost in 2003.
Thank you for letting me share this.


Finding Lost Things

This story sure hit home. When my dear husband passed away 
I had lots of things to find - he had a very unique file 
system. I needed the title to his vehicle and had no clue 
as to where it might be. After looking through file cabinet 
drawers for what seemed a hundred times I finally said out 
loud, "Okay, hubby, I need help. Where did you hide the 
papers?" I was drawn back to the file cabinet only to 
think, "I've done this so many times, they aren't there." 
My gut feeling was to just try one more time so I did. The 
first batch of papers I pulled from a drawer had a big 
elastic band around them. I took the band off and started 
going through each piece of paper. About 1/2 way through 
the bundle I found a big envelope with our bank name of 
it. As I turned it over to open it in black marking pen he 
had written, "Title" and sure enough there it was. 

I now keep him busy with requests to find things I've 
misplaced; and so long as I start out with "Hubby, I need 
help" he's always there to show me where I've put them. 
He was always there for me and it's a nice warm feeling 
to know he still is. 



Crossed Over

Hi Zsuzsana,

I mean to write you before about the suicide, and forgot... 
sorry. Anyway, this is what I 'know'. Not believe...I know; 
just can't tell you how I know! 

When the human body dies, the Spirit, which is a part of 
the Supreme Being, so can not die, leaves the body. That 
Spirit returns 'home' ... to what some call Heaven. 

However, if the actions while the Spirit was in a body 
were horrible, or suicide was done, then the Spirit still 
returns 'home', but with a difference...the form of 
Judgment. Well, the Supreme Being does NOT judge us; He/She 
can only love us. But, in the clear clean light of being 
with the Supreme Being, WE judge SELF. 

I don't know about everyone else, but the mere thought of 
having to judge myself later has kept me from doing many 
things while in this body. 

I strongly suspect ANY Spirit undergoing self judgment 
might find it a horrible experience. And, that includes 
each and every one of us... it can only be worse for some...

Light and love your way
Jan from Montana


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For Your Comments and Feedback...

Hi Zsuzsana and my fellow readers,

In the last issue sent, there was a reader who signed their 
letter 'G'. He/She spoke of living in NJ and being in an 
extremely haunted cemetery that dated back to the 1700s. I 
also live in NJ and my friends and I would love to know 
where this cemetery is, and I was wondering if he/she would 
mind telling us, so we could check it out. As well as any 
other interesting places they've been to. If not, it's 
okay, I understand, I'm just very curious and into 
investigating the paranormal.

Thank you for your time!  




I love your newsletter.  I look forward to reading it every 
week.  I just read the one on dream interpretation and hope 
that you might be able to help me.  My husband and I have 
been trying to have a baby since we got married.  I've 
prayed about it and we have even had names picked out from 
the very beginning.  I've been having this recurring dream 
for the last 2 years. In it, we have a newborn baby girl.  
The thing is, I don't remember having the baby and I can't 
remember her name.  I struggle to remember the name that 
we had picked out for her, but I can never seem to remember 
it.  I don't know what this means, but I have it at least 
once a week. 

Recently, I had a dream about my grandpa.  I have never 
dreamed about him.  He has been gone for a really long 
time, like 30 years or so.  I used to be his little peach 
(I was born in Georgia).  In my dream, he was still alive, 
but then he died.  I remember feeling terrible sadness.  
I couldn't stop crying.  I remember that I had taken my 
family to an amusement park, I want to say Disneyland, but 
I couldn't stop thinking about my grandpa.  Every time I 
would think of him, I would break down and cry 
uncontrollably.  It was like losing him all over again.  
I remember thinking those exact words as well.  I also 
remember telling my husband that my grandpa was my favorite 
person in the world.  Like I said, I have never dreamed 
about him before and don't know why I would be dreaming 
about him now.  I wasn't  thinking about him or anything. 

I have a few others, but I've already taken too much of 
your time.  Thank you for whatever help you can give me. 




Hello Zsuzsana,  A friend emailed this site to me. I didn't 
think I'd be writing so soon. It's a very simple story 
where two days earlier I began having strong thoughts about 
an old friend I had not seen in nine or ten years. It grew 
to a point where I started to wonder if there was any way 
I could track her down. The thoughts about her grew 
stronger over the two day period. On Sunday, the third day, 
a friend and I decided to take a day trip to Brattleboro, 
VT. We were walking up the Main Street, when suddenly this 
woman started yelling to me. As I got closer, I realized it 
was the person I had been thinking of. I was shocked. I 
figured what were the chances of running into this woman 
in Brattleboro, and what were the odds of the two of us 
being in the exact same spot, at the exact same time. 
Similar incidences have happened to me in the past, and I 
wonder about it. A lot of my friends insist that I am 
psychic in some way, and I'm beginning to think they are 
right. They joke with me about dreaming up tomorrow's 
lottery numbers, but I tell them that it doesn't work that 
way, and I have no way of controlling it. Any comments or 
ideas?  Richard L. 

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Carpe diem!

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