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Publication: Travel Freebies
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Travel Freebies                                April 4, 2006

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Hello Travelers,   

Today's issue features some of the hottest freebies from 
last month in case you might have missed an issue. Be sure
to act fast because they may expire soon.

Travel On,   

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Free Gucci™, Burberry™, or Louis Vuitton™ Handbag...

Forget the shoes. It’s the bag that makes the outfit. So get 
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  Magic Auto Car Mop - It's Not Just For Cars Anymore

This amazing dust mop was originally designed for cars but 
it works so well in removing dust you can use it practically 
anywhere. This 100% cotton mop won't scratch even the most
delicate of surfaces and it has an easy grip handle giving
you the ultimate comfort. You can use it on:

  Dash Boards    *  Auto Interior      *  Photo Frames
  Auto Exterior  *  Hub Caps and Rims  *  Lamp Shades
  Blinds	 *  Railings           *  Electronics

These Silicone coated dusters work so well you will want to 
keep one in the trunk of your car and one in your home. And 
you can't beat the price, it's just $4.99. BUT WAIT, if you 
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Auto Car Mop


10 Bonus Ringtones...

Get 10 BONUS Ringtones right now! Choose from thousands 
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Normal Retail $69.99 

Take advantage of this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER for
authentic ALPINE SUNGLASSES. Dakota Eyewear wants to 
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Alpine Sunglasses offer unmatched quality, style and 
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JUST 100% UV PROTECTION from Dakota Eyewear. DON'T MISS 
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Free $500 Amazon® Gift Card...

Talk about a stroke of good luck. Take advantage of it now 
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Store Price: $14.99

    *** 50 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong *** 

Relive all the memorable moments and highlights from all 
stages of the career of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis. 

This 80 minute, jam-packed DVD contains footage of Elvis in 
Hollywood, on TV and Live in Concert. But the best part of all
is... it can now be yours for only $2.99. Grab a copy by 
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Start Making Money for Your Next Vacation...


Are you low on cash? I know it is difficult to come up with
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Free $1000 Bahamas Getaway...

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