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Publication: Coffee Break
Deported terrorist in Canada since 1988

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, June 24, 2008             

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        Firefighters report pot in 2 Calif. homes
Police in Oakland, Calif., said they arrested two people
after firefighters responding to a blaze at the home
discovered about 150 marijuana plants.  Police spokesman 
Roland Holmgren said the two suspects, a man and a woman,
are also suspected of stealing electricity to power their 
grow lamps, the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune reported Wednesday.
One of the suspects was treated for smoke inhalation, but
police did not specify whether it was the male or female 
suspect. Investigators said charges will be forthcoming.
Meanwhile, in San Jose, Calif., police arrested a man who 
was allegedly burning marijuana plants in his fireplace,
the San Jose Mercury News reported Wednesday.  Authorities 
said firefighters arrived at the home at about 11 p.m. 
Monday night after receiving reports of heavy smoke near
the chimney of the man's home. The firefighters smelled 
marijuana on the air and notified police, who found more 
than 30 plants inside the house during a welfare check, 
the report said.  The man, identified as Ruben Rivera, 28, 
was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana for 
sale and cultivation of marijuana.  A police spokesman
said Rivera was apparently burning stems and leaves from
the plants in his fireplace.


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         Deported terrorist in Canada since 1988
A convicted Palestinian terrorist ordered deported from
Canada in 1988 is living west of Toronto filing legal
challenges.  The Hamilton Spectator found Mahmoud Mohammad 
Issa Mohammad, 65, living in Brantford, Ontario, with his 
family. In 1970, a Greek court convicted him of manslaughter
and six other charges and sentenced him to 17 years in 
prison in connection with the 1968 storming of an El Al
aircraft at the Athens airport.  He and another man sprayed
the plane with gunfire and threw grenades that killed an
Israeli man. Months after being jailed, another Palestinian 
terrorist group hijacked a Greek jetliner and threatened
to kill more than 50 passengers unless the Greek government 
released him and several other political prisoners.  He
eventually settled in Spain but applied for Canadian landed
immigrant status in 1987 and lied about having no criminal 
convictions.  He told the newspaper he has no intention of
leaving Canada.  "My record in Canada is clean, clear and 
good," he said. "I'll fight to the last moment. I am not
going to give up."



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           Woo to direct King Arthur western
Chinese film director John Woo is set to helm a big-screen
adaptation of the soon-to-be-released King Arthur comic
book, "Caliber."  Woo has previously directed the action
flicks "Broken Arrow," "Face/Off" and "Mission 
Impossible II."  Variety.com said "Caliber" will be based 
on a comic set to premiere at next week's Comic-Con in San
Diego, Calif. The story reinvents medieval England's King 
Arthur and his knights as 19th century gunslingers in the
Pacific Northwest, the entertainment industry trade paper
said. Before Woo gets started on that project he will 
finish up work on his two-part "Red Cliff" saga.  The
first installment opened July 10 in six Asian territories
and earned $26 million over the weekend,Variety.com said. 
Woo is currently editing the second part for a January 
release in Asia and is expected to put together an
international cut of the movie shortly after that. 
The filmmaker recently announced plans to direct "1949,"
a period romance set during the Chinese Revolution.
Production on that movie is expected to begin after Woo
finishes up "Red Cliff," Variety.com said.

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