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Publication: Dear Abby
Suspicious Daughter Is Wrong About Dad's 'Conniving Woman'

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        DEAR ABBY - April 23, 2008 
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ABBY: I have been divorced for four years. About nine 
months ago, I met "Cecil," a wonderful man who was widowed 
three years ago. We have fallen in love.

The problem is his adult daughter, "Wanda." She told me she 
won't allow some "conniving woman" to get her hooks into 
her father. She says falling in love with me is an insult 
to her mother's memory. Wanda made it plain she feels I am 
with her father only because I'm after his money. Cecil is
comfortable financially, although not wealthy. 

Now that she's aware that we have become serious, Wanda has 
begun trying to instill guilt and shame in her father. This 
is exceedingly difficult for him because Wanda is his only 

What his daughter fails to understand is that I am secure 
financially. My home is paid off. I have assets and invest-
ments, a comfortable income and a future pension. I would be
proud to become Cecil's wife, but if he were to ask me to 
continue our relationship without marriage, I would stay 
with him. Furthermore, if he proposed and wanted a pre-nup, 
I would gladly sign one.

I stand ready to love not only him, but also Wanda, if she 
could only open her heart to me -- not as a replacement for
her mother, but as a loving, caring friend. What she does 
not know is that her parents never had the happy marriage 
she thought they did. They stayed together largely because 
of her. 

What do you advise? I don't want to have to walk away so 
Cecil won't have to lose his daughter. 

LOVES HIM: Unless Cecil wants to spend the rest of his life 
alone in order to please Wanda, he has some serious thinking 
to do. He fulfilled his marriage vows and is entitled to a 
full life. He should make that clear to his daughter, who 
appears to have some growing up to do. 

So stand your ground, and be prepared to lay all your cards 
on the table. I can't promise it will completely allay 
Wanda's concerns, but it might put some of them to rest. If 
that's not the case, then so be it.



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ABBY: I have made a decision (at least for now) not to date 
or try to find a husband. The reason is my fear that I would 
repeat my parents' horrible, abusive marriage. They're still 
together -- I have no idea why -- but that's another issue. 
I have decided the abuse will end with me. I know that if I 
ever met a really awesome guy and did get married, I'd have
a hard time not repeating my parents' marriage.

I have told my parents, siblings, extended family and close 
friends that I'm not looking for a life partner. My problem 
is, they won't leave me alone. Can you help me get them off 
my back and allow me to enjoy being single like I want to? 
How do I fend off these matchmakers? 

HAPPILY SINGLE: Please remember that your family and friends 
are trying to fix you up because they love you. So hang onto 
your sense of humor when they try to make a match. The magic 
words are: (smile) "Nope. Not interested."

Considering that you had such poor role models, your feelings 
are understandable. However, because your parents have had a 
terrible marriage is no guarantee that you would, too. The 
surest way to break the cycle would be to discuss this 
subject with a licensed mental health professional.

ABBY is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as 
Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline 
Phillips. Write ABBY at www.DearAbby.com or P.O. Box  
69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. 

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