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Publication: Deal of the Day
Ionic Air Purifier

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What's The Deal?

I was skeptical about this item. The reason was the price.
Even at full retail it's a steal. But I wondered if it really

Since my mom moved in with me (she's a smoker, I'm not) I've 
bought a few different types of Air Purifiers. I've spent 
anywhere from $50 to $100. I always wanted the one from Sharper 
Image, but just really couldn't afford spending $299. Of course 
after what I spent on all the others I could've bought one. 

Anyway I had all but given up on getting something affordable
when this one came along. I talked with the manufacturer
at length about this and asked flat out, how can you sell it
at this price.

His answer was that the technology has come down in price
for manufacturing these and there is no reason to charge the
outrageous prices that people are for these.

In fact he told me that even though they recommend a Retail
Price of $39.99, many retailers are selling this brand at
$100 or more (Staples is one!). 

Still skeptical I asked for a sample to be sent. I have
actually been using this since the beginning of January
and I can't believe the difference. After one week I 
cleaned the filter and was amazed at how much pollutants 
washed out of it. 

You simply MUST check this one out. Our shipment is due
in the beginning of next week. I have already ordered two more
of these. I want to put one in my bedroom - it doesn't make
sound - and one in the family room.  Here are more details.

Enjoy fresher, cleaner and healthier air...

Store Price: $39.99
DEAL PRICE: $19.99 
or two for $35.98 (An ADDITIONAL $4.00 Savings)

The EPA estimates that indoor air at home may be up to 10 times 
more polluted than the air outside. The Ionic Air purifier works 
silently and effectively to reduce airborne irritants, allergens 
and pollutants - dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, pet dander, 
unpleasant odors and more that can irritate eyes, nose, throat 
and cause headaches, dizziness and increased asthma attacks. 

Plus this model is energy efficient and cleans the air 24 hours 
a day using very little electricity. It features a permanent 
filter which is easy to clean and never has to be replaced so 
there are no expensive filters to buy. Only 12"H x 4"W, it fits 
easily in any room. 

- Energy efficient             - No need to replace filters 
- Low, medium, high settings   - Easy to use-one touch operation 
- 12"H x 4"W                   - Small but powerful

Save yourself $20.00 on the Ionic Air Purifier... Want to save 
even more?

Then grab two or more and get them for just $17.99.

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