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Publication: Deal of the Day
Victory at Sea DVD Collection

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What's the Deal?   

You can still get this for Christmas if you live in the U.S.   
Just select UP2 shipping which is UPS Rush and is 2 to 5   
days for delivery. Tomorrow is absolutely the last day you   
can place an order for Christmas.   

Did you see Ken Burns series on PBS about WWII? I saw a couple   
of episodes and it was pretty good.   

Because of this series more people are revisiting the history   
of WWII. More young people want to know about it than ever.   

Well, we've got something extra special. It's the Victory   
At Sea DVD Collection. This has been called, "The Greatest War   
Documentary Ever Made".   

It's no wonder either. Victory at Sea, a 26-episode series on   
World War II, represented one of the most ambitious documentary   
undertakings of early network television.   

The series premiered on the last Sunday of October 1952, and   
subsequent episodes played each Sunday afternoon through May   
1953. Each half-hour installment dealt with some aspect of World   
War II naval warfare and highlighted each of the sea war's major   

Originally sold for as high as $199.99, you can get all 26   
Original Episodes that have been Digitally Restored for the   
unbelievable price of JUST $14.99. The set contains 3 discs.   

More details and how to order are below.   


Original Price: $199.99   
Normal Price: $69.99   
OUR PRICE: $14.99   

For the first time ever you can get Victory At Sea on DVD.   

Considered the most influential documentary in television history,   
Victory At Sea, in the words of Harper’s Weekly, "created a new art   
form." The 26 half-hour episodes were culled from over 13,000 hours   
of footage shot by the U.S., British, German and Japanese navies   
during World War II.   

Original 26 Episodes Digitally Restored on 3 DVDs, plus RARE   
footage from:   

   * Iwo Jima   * Okinawa   * Guadalcanal   * Mediterranean   

This is one DVD collection that EVERY history buff will want to   
own. To get more info or to order, visit:   
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