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Publication: Deal of the Day

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What's the Deal?

I think you are going to love today's deal. If you've ever 
seen or heard of them then you'll automatically know that even
if you were paying full-price it's a great deal... but because
you're reading this, you can get them for 1/2 price!

It's Refrigerator Balls... aka Fridge Balls. The quick 
explanation of these is that it keeps your product fresher and
longer.  And let's face it with the price of groceries going up
so much, we need to be able to keep our food fresh as long
as possible.

Check it out... and take special note that if you buy two
packages it's actually one cent cheaper than buying one pack
at retail!

Easier and Less Expensive than GreenBags...

Retail Price: $9.99
Steal Price: $5.99
SAVE EVEN MORE: Get 2 Packages for $9.98

Keep your produce fresher, longer. Quit tossing away the 
produce you just bought and toss one of these reveloutionary 
Refrigerator Balls into your refrigerators crisper.

WHY... As fruits and vegetables age they create gasses that 
cause them to spoil prematurely. Supermarkets and grocers know 
this so they use potassium minerals to absorb these gasses in 
order to prolong the life of their produce and now you can too! 

These Refrigerator Balls contains a packet of potassium minerals 
that absorb these produce-rotting gasses, so you can keep your 
fruits and vegetables fresher, longer right at home! 

They're Easier and Less Expensive than GreenBags! 
Package contains 3 Fridge Balls. To order or get more info, visit:

Today's Deal of the Day

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