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Publication: Deal of the Day
AntiBacterial Food Storage

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What's The Deal?

We've featured the Anti-Bacterial Food Containers in the past
and it happens to be the item that gets the most re-orders. 
People LOVE THEM and end up ordering another set or two. I 
don't know if its for gifts or just for more storage.

It's also made with the finest of plastic (a number 5) for
those of you who wonder about it.

One thing to note, the set is all different sizes. They are
a bit on the small side. The biggest container I love for
lettuce. I admit I'm a bit lazy and buy the already shredded
lettuce instead of a head of lettuce. 

The big container is perfect for this. I'm still amazed at
how much longer (almost triple the time) it stays fresh vs.
just keeping it in a plastic bag or other plastic containers.

This item is discounted way below what you see in stores. In
fact The Sharper Image has a similar set for $69.95. 

Our normal price is great... just $12.99. But only Deal readers
can get it at the cheapest price ever... you'll pay just $9.99.

Check it out. 

Introducing Anti-Bacterial Food Storage Containers

Sharper Image Price: $69.95
Store Price: $29.99
OUR PRICE: $9.99

This 20-piece Food Storage Container Set promises to keep
foods Fresh... Longer than ever. Using revolutionary Nano 
Particle Plastic, it prevents mold & germ growth. Your
fruits and vegetables will last up to three or four times

We've made this 20-Piece set available at a staggering low
price. We know once you try it you'll love it and order more!
Don't spend $30 or even $70 on a set... Get it from us and 
in no time it will have paid for itself. Makes A Great Gift. 

Today's Deal of the Day

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