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Publication: Coffee Break
Dead lawn could yield $746 fine

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Monday, July 7, 2008             

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Do you agree with a grand jury decision to clear a Texas
man in the shooting of two men he suspected of burglarizing
a neighbor's home?

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      Police 'waste' $10,000 on apple core case
A British man arrested for allegedly dropping an apple core
said police wasted nearly $10,000 investigating him before 
dismissing a littering charge.  Keith Hirst, 54, a former
plumber with heart problems, was taken into police custody
April 21, after an officer accused him of letting an apple 
core fall to the ground, the Telegraph reported.  Police
took a DNA sample from Hirst, got his fingerprints and
jailed him for 18 hours, the newspaper said.  Hirst
received medical attention twice while being held because 
he said he was experiencing chest pain and dizziness.  
Hirst was scheduled to go to court in coming days, but 
officials said charges of littering and obstructing a 
police officer against him have been dismissed.  Officials
are believed to have spent about $10,000 on police labor 
and other preparatory efforts in Hirst's case, the newspaper
said.  Hirst said he thinks the "whole thing has been a
complete waste of money."


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              Dead lawn could yield $746 fine
A Sacramento couple said they have been threatened with a
$746 fine after they let their lawn die in an attempt to 
save water.  Anne Hartridge and Matt George said they 
decided to stop watering their lawn after California
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought 
emergency June 4, the Sacramento Bee reported.  "The whole
water conservation ethic is very important to me," Hartridge 
said.  However, Hartridge said a neighbor complained before
she could make new landscaping plans and the Code
Enforcement Department slapped her and her husband with a
citation after the grass went brown.  The citation declared
their home a "public nuisance" under city code section
17.68.010, which requires front yards to be "irrigated,
landscaped and maintained."  The couple said they were 
told a $746 fine is in their future unless they do
something about the dead lawn.  Hartridge said she has
covered the dead grass with redwood mulch but she does
not know if that will allow the home to pass a 
re-inspection. She said the city told her it would send 
her information on how to bring her lawn into compliance 
but the information never arrived.


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         Toy auction includes Bond, Starsky cars
A Knutsford, England, auctioneer has announced a planned 
auction of toy cars including replicas of vehicles from 
James Bond films and TV's "Starsky and Hutch."  Marshall
auctioneers representative Peter Ashburner said it took
10 trips in an estate car to move all of the toys from 
the home where they were kept by their previous owner, a
recently deceased 70-year-old man, The Times of London
reported.  Ashburner said there were toys in every room
of the house.  "He was most interested in circus toys and
had model carousels and a collection of Corgi Chipperfield
circus trucks and carriages," he said.  He predicted the 
collection will draw bids of more than $20,000 at the
July 8 auction.

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