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Publication: NBC Soaps
Message from Jack

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday January 18, 2006


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Frankie finds a DVD with a message from Jack. Lois admits 
she was once in love with Alex. 


Hope refuses to believe that Zack could really be brain 
dead. Lexie explains it is only artificial respiration 
keeping him alive. Bo, Hope and Shawn say a heartbreaking 

Lois's diabolical plan is interrupted by John. Marlena 
grows increasingly suspicious of Lois. Frankie makes a 
startling discovery. Lexie asks Bo and Hope for Zack's 
organs. Shawn vows to catch whoever is responsible for 
Zack's death. 

Lois admits she is jealous of Marlena. Carrie and Austin 
have a romantic reunion on the roof. Could they really 
have a future together? Not if Sami has anything to do 
with it. Baby Claire has a donor! 

Hope becomes more agitated over Zack's death. Bo and Hope 
learn it was Bo's car that hit Zack. Sami and Lucas almost 
make love. Philip and Belle learn the identity of Claire's 

Bo covers for Chelsea until he has more information. 
Chelsea realizes what she has done. Sami and Lucas accuse 
each other of lying about their feelings. Claire's trans-
plant is successful. 

Bo is caught between Hope and Chelsea. Hope demands to know 
the truth. Lois attacks Marlena. Austin takes Carrie on a 
romantic date. Belle and Shawn receive a huge shock. Lois 
Banks sets her deadly sights on Marlena - again. Will she 
succeed this time? 


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Alistair takes a turn for the worse. Theresa and Rebecca 


Fancy shows Noah a special room that Alistair created just 
for her. She asks Noah to entertain the thought that 
Alistair isn't all bad. Kay asks Fox if he had a secret 
that Alistair was using to blackmail him. Fox responds no, 
and expresses relief that he now knows Alistair would 
never have any dirt he could use to blackmail Kay. 

After finding Gwen in Alistair's room, Theresa accuses her 
of stabbing Al to keep the tabloid scandal a secret. Gwen 
attacks Theresa, but Ethan arrives to breakup the catfight. 

The mystery woman discusses her time as Alistair's captive, 
as well as her recent stay in the Crane attic. She reveals 
that she overheard Alistair discussing paternity secrets 
with Otto, the man who had kept guard over her. The mystery 
woman urges Katherine to follow her heart and get Martin 
back from Pilar. 

Things are tense among the party guests in the Crane living 
room when weak Alistair attempts to name his would-be assas-
sin. As he's about to tell, the Mystery Woman plunges a drug-
filled syringe into his chest. Fancy and Eve rush to save 
him as everyone else hopes the old man will croak. The mys-
tery woman admits to injecting Alistair with poison, but 
not to the other attacks on Alistair's life. 


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