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Publication: The Daily Groaner
Words From You

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       THE DAILY GROANER - Thursday, June 12th 2008
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Good Morning Groanies,

Here are a few reader comments about yesterday's column. 
Which you can review at: Yesterday's Groaner

Man, where have you been??? I have had the unhook thing 
down for about 30 years.... It's one of the easiest things 
to do... I can even do it one hand and three fingers... 
Just a quick pinch and off it comes.... Women have 
commented on how quick that was... 
- Alienjake
[Hey, Jake. You wrote, "Women have commented on how quick 
that was..." That is something that I would just keep to 

Well, Steve. A man invented the bra and to date there are 
more government patents on the bra than on any other item. 
I tried substituting velcro for the hardwear on my bra, 
but when I sat on the couch, my dog stuck to my back. 
Truthfully, I picked up everything except money and men. 
Go figure.
- Fran 
[Velcro is awesome. I wish that I could get my hands on 
a Velcro suit. Then I could go around and fight crime as 
Velcro Man. Wait, what were we talking about?] 

What kind of upbringing did you guys have? At 16 the guys 
at my school could open a girls bra. Put your thumb on one 
side of the clasp your middle finger on the other side and 
snap your fingers. Lessons on what to do from there cost...
your coach in life,
- Ed 
[Thanks for the tip, Ed. ]

What would I do without my readers? 

Groaningly yours,

Email Steve

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Q: Why did the cat sit on the computer? 

A: To keep an eye on the mouse.

Q: Where do American cows come from? 

A: Moo York.


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