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Publication: The Daily Groaner
The Shopping Trip Part 2

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       THE DAILY GROANER - Wednesday, July 2nd 2008
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Good Morning Groanies,

Here's how you reacted to yesterday's column concerning the 
"Free" soda. 

If you need to refresh your memory about yesterday's column 
just click the link below: The Shopping Trip

i was so excited coming out of the grocery story when i 
saw a grocery basket with a 24-pack of bottled water left 
unclaimed!  the plus side to the whole thing was the basket 
was 'parked' right next to my vehicle so it didn't look 
so obvious when i ran to put it in my car.  the downside? 
i also left a bag of meat in the grocery store that someone 
walked out with so i didn't come out on top after all.
- Dina 
[I guess you win some, you lose some. By-the-way, that meat 
was delicious.]

Hopefully when you drank the wiper fluid, it stopped you 
from running around naked. If you drank the right kind, it 
stops streaking. - Jim 
[Jim, that was really funny. Streaking... that's priceless.]

Steve, Something to think about? Should that case of pop 
have been returned to the store? Would it be considered 
"stealing" if the customer was partially out of the parking 
lot and realized that they had forgotten the pop in the 
cart and seen you walking away with it? If you bought 
groceries at the store and forgot a bag, a person would 
be calling the store to see if they had set it aside for 
them. Just some food for thought. Thank you,
- Mike from South Dakota
[Is there actually food for thought? If so, can you get me 
the recipe?]

Groaningly yours,

Email Steve

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Q: What is the loudest state? 


Q: What has four legs and only one foot? 

A: A bed. 


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