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Publication: The Daily Groaner
Stay Cool

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       THE DAILY GROANER - Tuesday, July 22nd 2008
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Good Morning Groanies,

Our air conditioner crapped-out on us over the weekend. 
Stacy and I had the hardest time getting to sleep last 
night. It was hot and humid and very uncomfortable. I 
feel like I only slept for a few hours... probably because 
I only slept for a few hours. 

On to the good news, we should have the repairs done in 
a few days and then we can enjoy nothing but cool, meat-
locker-like, air. Just thinking about that makes my nipples 
all pokey. 

Stay Cool. 

Groaningly yours,

Email Steve

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A resident in a posh hotel breakfast room called over the 
head waiter one morning and read from the menu. "I'd like 
one under-cooked egg so that it's runny, and one over-
cooked egg so that it's tough and hard to eat. I'd also 
like grilled bacon which is a bit on the cold side, burnt 
toast, butter straight from the freezer so that it's 
impossible to spread, and a pot of very weak, lukewarm 

"That's a complicated order sir," said the bewildered 
waiter. "It might be quite difficult." 

The guest replied sarcastically, "It can't be that 
difficult because that's exactly what you brought me 

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Q: What's the best way to call a Tyrannosaurus Rex? 

A: Long distance! 

Q: What does a Triceratops sit on? 

A: It's Tricera-bottom!


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