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Publication: The Daily Groaner
Food For Thought

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       THE DAILY GROANER - Wednesday, July 16th 2008
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Good Morning Groanies,

I have the worst toothache. It hurts when I talk, when I 
sneeze, when I breathe, when I eat, when I sleep, when I 
drink, when I whistle, when I play the harmonica, when I 
chew gum, when I make fart noises with my mouth and when 
I hum Neil Diamond songs. What am I going to do? 

I guess I've learned my lesson. When a bottle says "twist 
off" they don't want you to use your teeth. Food for 

Groaningly yours,

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A number twelve walks into a bar and asks the barman for a 
pint of beer. 

"Sorry I can't serve you," states the barman. 

"Why not?!" asks the number twelve with anger showing in 
its voice. 

"You're under 18," replies the barman. 


Retail & TV Price: $9.99
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This one-touch digital recorder is your own personal 
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the "play" button to listen to the message. Perfect for 
shopping lists, to do lists, names, addresses, phone 
numbers - even where you left your car in the parking lot! 

Smaller then a credit card, it fits easily into a pocket, 
purse, briefcase, or even on a keychain. This personal 
reminder records and plays back messages up to 20 seconds 

- Record your next brilliant idea, shopping list or location
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You're going to love this so much, you'll wonder how you 
ever did with out. Makes a great gift too. 
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Q: How is a cat drinking milk like a track star? 
A: They both enjoy taking a few laps. 

Q: Why did the leper baseball pitcher retire?
A: He threw his arm out. 


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