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Publication: The Daily Groaner
That's My Dad

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        THE DAILY GROANER - Monday, June 16th 2008

Good Morning Groanies,

I hope that your Father's Day was as enjoyable as mine. 

It was a special day for me because my dad and I actually 
partook in a special family tradition that his dad started. 
My father, believe it or not, handed me his remote control. 
It was amazing. I was completely unprepared for such a 
historic life-changing moment. 

After I averted my gaze from the all-powerful device I 
asked my dad if he was really giving me his remote so that 
I may change the channels and adjust the volume on his 
television set. 

He responded with, "No, it's just that I have to scratch 
myself in two places." 

I love you too, dad. Happy Father's Day. 

Groaningly yours,

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