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Publication: Music History
Crashbox Rocks with 'Radio'

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       MUSIC HISTORY VIDEO - Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007
    "A look at what happened in music videos of the past"

Hello Music Lovers:

Today's clip comes from a close friend of us here at EVTV1. 
It features a band called 'Crashbox'. Crashbox has made it 
to the finale in a Rolling Stone Magazine contest. Now the 
band needs your help. 

Please click the link below and vote for Crashbox. Every 
vote brings them closer and closer to their big break. I 
would really appreciate if you took only a few seconds 
out of your day to cast your vote and make the dreams of 
members of Crashbox come true. 

Here is the link to vote: Vote For Crashbox 

Also, you can see the group rock out on stage to their song 
radio 'Radio'. 

~*~ Peace, Love and Music ~*~


P.S. Hey, would you like to win a FREE DVD? It's free to 
     enter and winners will be notified by email. Just 
     click the link here to read the details and enter! 

Visit: Enter To Win A Riverdance DVD

Questions? Comments? e-mail me at: Email Willow

You can discuss this issue or any other topic in the new 
Music History forum. Check it out here... 
Music History Forum


              Last Week's Clip Ratings   

                Primus: Amos Moses


              Rating: 3.2 out of 5

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This Week's Video Clip - Crashbox Rocks with 'Radio' 

Here is an up and coming band that is managed by friends 
of EVTV1... listen and watch this performance of a band 
that harkens back to Elvis Costello. 

WATCH IT NOW: Crashbox Rocks with 'Radio' 

More Music Videos - Visit EVTV1.com Music Videos

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