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Publication: Conservative Review
How Do You Spell FRAUD?

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                   May 30, 2008

How Do You Spell F-R-A-U-D?
By Cal Thomas

Fraud: "deceit, trickery or breach of confidence, 
perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or 
dishonest advantage."

The HBO movie "Recount" tells the story from the 
Democratic Party point of view that the 2000 pre-
sidential election was improperly won by George W. 
Bush because of the trickery of his fellow Repub-
licans and the Supreme Court. That has been shown 
to be untrue by no less a source than the reliably 
liberal and pro-Democratic New York Times, but 
facts rarely influence propaganda.

Here's a better example of fraud straight from the 
donkey's mouth that you can bet will never be told 
on film. It comes courtesy of 12-term Congressman 
Paul Kanjorski. During a town meeting last August 
in his Pennsylvania district, Rep. Kanjorski made 
a remarkable statement about the 2006 election in 
which Democrats recaptured the majority. Rep. Kan-
jorski acknowledged that he and his fellow Democrats 
"sort of stretched the facts" about their intention 
to end the war in Iraq and bring American troops 


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A video of his remarks, now on YouTube, shows Kanjorski 
explaining that Democrats pushed the rhetoric about the 
war "as far as we can to the end of the fleet - didn't 
say it, but we implied it - that if we won the congress-
ional elections we could stop the war." Democrats also 
promised to bring down gas prices if they won a majority. 
That worked out well, didn't it?

"Now anybody who's a good student of government," 
continued Kanjorski in a condescending manner, "would 
know it wasn't true." I wonder how non-students of 
government felt about that insult? "But you know," he 
said, "the temptation to want to win back the Congress 
- we sort of stretched the facts."

Kanjorski would have done well to reflect on that part 
of the Lord's Prayer that asks that we not be led into 


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Many politicians "stretch the facts" at some point in 
their careers, but this was more than that. While Re-
publicans do the same thing on another level - like 
campaigning for spending cuts and then outspending 
Democrats when they become a majority - what Kanjorski 
has admitted to is outright fraud. Those who don't 
believe in the war, which includes some Republicans, 
had a right to believe that if they cast their votes 
for Democrats in the 2006 election, a Democratic con-
gressional majority would end the war. Instead, while 
huffing and puffing about it, Democrats have continued 
to approve funds for Iraq and Afghanistan, attaching 
numerous pet pork projects. Pork covers a multitude 
of sins.

Some Democrats have made their careers by lying about 
Republicans and their attempts at necessary reforms 
of Social Security. My Democratic friend, Bob Beckel, 
likes to tell the story of his mother who lived in 
Florida and called him after seeing campaign commer-
cials, which he produced, that claimed Republicans 
were about to eliminate Social Security. Beckel says
he told her, "Mom, don't worry about it. You vote for 
Democrats on Tuesday and come Wednesday your Social 
Security will be back." 


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Kanjorski has taken cynicism about Washington and 
politicians to a new and lower level.

No wonder the disapproval rating of Congress is higher 
than it is for President Bush - 76 percent disapprove 
of this Democratic Congress, according to both the 
latest Quinnipiac and Gallup surveys; 67 percent dis-
approve of President Bush.

In cases of fraud, the victim usually has redress in 
the courts. With political fraud, voters must seek 
redress at the polls. They should start - but not stop 
- with Rep. Kanjorski, who is faced with his first 
competitive race since 2002. But he has a lot of co-
conspirators and even one who is not a "good student 
of government" ought to know when they've been duped 
by fraudulent political practices.

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