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Publication: Gizmorama
Colombians to make ethanol from sugar

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Gizmorama - Colombians to make ethanol from sugar
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	   Colombians to make ethanol from sugar

Colombian industrial professionals said they are preparing to 
become the first to make ethanol from sugar cane in a U.S. 
facility. They say they plan to produce ethanol by mid-2009 
in southern Louisiana, where Inverandino -- a business group 
managed by the Colombian Santacoloma family -- has been taking 
control of three sugar mills since 2006, The Miami Herald 
reported Sunday. Inverandino said it plans to be the first 
company to use mills for the sole purpose of making organic 
fertilizers and ethanol from sugar cane. United States-made 
ethanol is now derived only from corn. ''We came to create a 
change in the paradigm that in the United States it is not 
possible to produce ethanol from sugar cane in a way that is 
profitable, and we are determined to make it happen,'' said 
Mario Andres Cortes, of Louisiana Green Fuels, the company 
backing the endeavor.

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		Astronauts face 3rd space walk

Two astronauts prepared to exit the International Space 
Station's Quest airlock Sunday for the third spacewalk of 
their mission, U.S. officials said. Mike Fossum and Ron Garan 
were to change out a nitrogen tank assembly, set up TV equipment 
and take a thermal cover off Japan's robotic arm, the National 
Aeronautics and Space Administration said. It was reported 
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency expert Akihiko Hoshide and 
Mission Specialist Karen Nyberg were responsible for helping 
Fossum and Garan with the station's mechanical arm, Canadarm2.
Once the spacewalk is completed, Hoshide and Nyberg will work 
on the chamber within Kibo's pressurized logistics module and 
return Japan's robotic arm to its resting place, officials 

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	  New Zealand aims to reduce gas emissions

New Zealand officials say they are aiming to reduce the level 
of methane gas emissions caused by the country's livestock.
Climate experts say New Zealand's 40 million sheep, 9 million 
dairy and beef cattle and at least a million farmed deer are 
largely to blame for the country's contribution to global 
warming, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday. Prime Minister 
Helen Clark last year declared her intention of making New 
Zealand the first carbon-neutral nation in the world.
Some New Zealand farmers say they feel they're being targeted 
because of the country's lack of industrial pollution.
"There's no other country in the world that's so clean of 
chimney stacks that its animals are the biggest polluters," 
farmer Charlie Pedersen said. A government plan to charge 
farmers who surpass federally regulated greenhouse gas limits 
has been met with strong resistance, the Times said.


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