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Publication: Clean Laffs
Clean Laffs Video - Yes, a snail drinking beer.

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         CLEAN LAFFS VIDEO - Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good morning crew, 

I am really fond of animals, and not just at meal times 
either! They can be absolutely endearing and completely 
hilarious, especially when they seem to be displaying 
human characteristics. 

Make sure you watch today's clip to the end because there 
is a very funny bit involving a snail drinking beer, and 
I can sympathize with the little guy, because I've felt 
the same way myself on many occasions. 

Please scroll down for the link and don't forget to rate it 
a 5! 

Laugh it up, 


P.S. You can find hundreds of free clean humor video clips 
by clicking: www.evtv1.com


Do you remember Bozo The Clown?

If you're like me you grew up watching Bozo The Clown. There
were many different Bozo's around the country. Here in Chicago
it was Bob Bell. Even Willard Scott got his start being Bozo.

But there was one Bozo who started it all and to most people
he IS the one and only Bozo. That's Larry Harmon. 

On July 3, 2008 we lost Larry. Luckily his work and the magic
that is Bozo will live on forever. Check out this video clip
of Bozo. 

You can also buy the DVD at a discounted price. Check it out 
by visiting: Watch the magic of Bozo by visiting here


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Hilarious Comedy Critters
(Current rating - 4.7!)

Animals are cute, clever, curious, impulsive and often 
absolutely hilarious, especially when they do exactly the 
opposite of what we want them to do. The critters in this 
clip are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. 

Click here: Hilarious Comedy Critters


 W H A T  D I D  T H E  T E R M I T E  S A Y  W H E N  H E  

            W A L K E D  I N T O  T H E  B A R?

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