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Publication: Clean Laffs
Steer away from the pork-stuffed bananas.

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            CLEAN LAFFS - Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good morning crew, 

By the way...if you make it down to Taste of Chicago this 
year you might want to steer away from the deep-fried, 
pork-filled banana dumplings at Sabor Latino. 

We stopped by the Taste on Saturday after sailing and I was 
feeling in an adventurous mood. Suffice it to say that was 
the last thing I ate that day. 

I am going to try to make it back again before it is over, 
though. There are so many good things to try! 

Laugh it up, 


P.S. If you're interested we now have a Forum. You can post 
comments on this and recent issues at... Clean Laffs Forum


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"The fourth of July is less than a week away. I'm already 
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out it was charcoal lighter fluid." -David Letterman


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Today's Deal of the Day

A wholesaler in New York sent a letter to the postmaster of 
a small Midwestern town. He asked for the name of an honest 
lawyer who would take a collection case against a local 
debtor who had refused to pay for a shipment of the whole-
saler's goods. He got this reply: 

Dear Sir: I am the postmaster of this village and received 
your letter. I am also an honest lawyer and ordinarily would 
be pleased to accept a case against a local debtor.

In this case, however, I also happen to be the person you 
sold those crummy goods to. I received your demand to pay 
and refused to honor it. I am also the banker you sent the 
draft to draw on the merchant, and I sent that back with a 
note stating that the merchant had refused to pay. 

If I were not, for the time being, substituting for the 
pastor of our local church, I would tell you just what I 
thought of your claim.

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes ---------------*

An elderly man constantly called his doctor at all hours of 
the day and night and would then keep him on the phone with 
a litany of imagined ailments.

Finally the doctor could take it no longer. "Listen, Mr. 
Jones, if you wake me up again in the middle of the night 
with another one of your tales about some made-up ailment, 
I am going to insist you see another physician. Have I 
made myself clear?"

A week later, the unfortunate man slipped and fell down a 
flight of stairs, breaking his hip, two ribs, en elbow, and 
suffering a concussion. He was rushed to the hospital and 
put in intensive care.

An hour later, his doctor walked in, saw his condition, and 
exclaimed "I think you're finally getting the hang of it!"


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