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Publication: Clean Laffs
How can I miss you if you won't go away?

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            CLEAN LAFFS - Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good morning crew, 

I'll tell you one thing about visiting family, it is not 
relaxing. Oh, we had fun and adventures. We did some sailing 
and wind surfing, we went to the beach, we cooked a lot and 
ate a lot and drank a lot...but what we didn't do is relax. 

Plus, my brother's kids and my sister's kids were all there, 
and just being in the vicinity of so many kids (really only 
seven) drains the energy out of a person. Three nights in a 
row I went to bed exhausted. 

But it was definitely worth the trip. You don't realize how 
much you miss family until you see them again after a long 
absence. Of course, you can't miss them if you never leave, 

Laugh it up, 


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I walked  into a Starbucks with a buy-one-get-one-free coupon 
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She handed  me my free Lattes and I walked out the door. 

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Our local paper runs a popular column called "10 Questions" 
that spotlights people who live in our community. 

In addition to the usual inquiries about occupation and age, 
people are asked the questions that give a snapshot look of 
their personalities. 

Recently one woman was asked, "What's the 'strangest' thing 
you ever bought?" 

She answered, "Dog toothpaste." 

Next question, "What is the 'most common' thing people say 
to you?" 

Her answer: "Where did you get such white teeth?" 


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