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Publication: Clean Laffs
There's fun and then there's plain stupid.

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            CLEAN LAFFS - Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good morning crew, 

I did accomplish one thing this weekend...I did not kill 
myself on the lake...even though we came close. Old Mason 
and I went sailing on Saturday and it turned out to be the 
windiest day of the year so far. 

What's worse is how gusty it was. It is manageable if the 
wind is blowing a consistent 25 or 30 miles-per-hour. Mason 
and I have sailed in that kind of weather before. But when 
it is blowing 0-5 miles-per-hour, and you have your sails 
all hauled in tight to maximize the wind, and two seconds 
later it is blowing 30 miles-per-hour--before you can blink 
or whistle the boat is lying on its side and your sails are 
in the water! 

Mason was driving in just such a situation when a big gust 
hit us and the Albatross pitched so violently I was almost 
thrown overboard (that's a bit on an exaggeration...but I 
did fall completely across the cockpit from one side to the 

Mason lost his footing, too, and could not snap the main-
sheet loose to take the tension out of the sail. I had to 
snap it loose from the cleat with my foot while I was lying 
on my back. 

After that we reefed in both the jib and the mainsail, 
reducing our sail area by about half. I mean there's fun 
and then there's just plain stupid. 

Laugh it up, 


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