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Publication: Clean Laffs
I don't believe it's unbelievable.

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CLEAN LAFFS                           Monday, July 21, 2008

Good morning crew, 

Well, all the buzz right now is the new Batman movie. It 
actually set a new box office record for a midnight debut, 
bringing in $18.5 million Friday from its midnight screening 
in 3,040 theaters.

Fortunately I am not a teenager, so I did not feel compelled 
to wait in line for two hours Friday night so I could buy 
tickets for a midnight show. It probably would have been a 
waste if I had tried, because most of the showings were sold 

Hopefully the glut of fanboys has died down by this time and 
I can wedge my way into one of the theaters to see it this 
week. The people I've talked to so far who have seen it 
described it as, 'Awesome', 'Phenomenal' and 'Unbelievable.' 

We'll see about that.

Laugh it up, 


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"Angelina Jolie decided to name her new son Knox because it 
ends in the letter x just like her other sons Maddox and 
Pax. Jolie better not have any more sons because the only 
two names left are Xerox and Ex-Lax." -Conan O'Brien


"It was revealed today that Barrack Obama has been secretly 
interviewing candidates for Vice President while he works 
out in the gym. Screening people at the gym can only mean 
one thing - our next VP, definitely not Al Gore." 
 --Craig Ferguson


"According to a new study, ladies and gentlemen, you can 
improve your memory by watching less TV, doing crossword 
puzzles, eating more fish – I can't remember all that." 
 --Dave Letterman 

Carol Burnett's Gone With The Wind Spoof...

You're in for a REAL treat today. If you want to take a 
couple of minutes, I guarantee you'll have a smile on 
your face. Do you remember the Carol Burnett spoof of 
Gone With The Wind called Went With The Wind? 

If you do, then you know how hilarious it is and you laugh 
all over again... if you've never seen it then get ready to 
laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. 

The clip you'll see is from hands down one of the funniest 
(and most complete) DVD comedy collections ever put together.
What we've done, aside from getting a special discount, is 
taken one of the funniest moments in TV ever and put it on 
the site for you to watch. 

To watch the video on Carol Burnett or order the DVD Collection
(10 hours of hilarious footage) visit: 

Carol Burnett's Spoof of Gone With The Wind

Out in space two alien forms are speaking with each other. 

The first spaceman says, "The dominant life forms on the 
earth planet have developed satellite-based weapons." 

The second alien, who looks exactly like the first, asks, 
"Are they an emerging intelligence?" 

The first spaceman says, "I don't think so...They have them 
aimed at themselves." 

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes ---------------*

A guest at dinner noticed the small family dog looking 
hungrily at every bite she took. Finally she took a small 
piece of meat from her plate and held it up for him. 

"Speak!" she said to the dog. 

The dog answered, "Under the circumstances, I hardly know 
what to say!" 


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