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Publication: Clean Laffs
I could be in the air right now!

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            CLEAN LAFFS - Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good morning crew, 

If you are reading this between nine a.m. and two p.m. there 
is a good chance I am in the air. Because I bought my tickets 
sort of last minute I had to take really long lay-overs. So 
I will be sitting in the Atlanta airport for over two hours. 

That'll be fun. But that is why airport bars were invented, 

I have to admit I hate traveling. Oh, I enjoy getting out of 
town and being in new places...I just hate the act of getting 
there. Especially being packed into an airplane shoulder-to-
shoulder with a hundred other people breathing their all of 
their communicable diseases on me.

Doesn't that make you want to buy a ticket to someplace right 

Laugh it up, 


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Get Out & Walk... You'll Be Glad You Did!

One of the easiest and best forms of exercise is walking.
But did you know there are certain things to do when
walking that will help you achieve better health?

Let Leslie Sansone's revolutionary DVD convert the space 
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The "Older Adults Walk & Firm" DVD is even more effective 
than an outdoor or treadmill walk. You'll perform a 
combination of simple walking based steps and proven 
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boost your metabolism and increase your energy. And
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Older Adults Walk & Firm DVD


"There's a salmonella outbreak; they believe it's linked 
to tomatoes. You don't realize how much you eat tomatoes 
until you can't get them anymore. Today I was forced to 
order a BLB, which is bacon, lettuce, and more bacon." 
 -Jimmy Kimmel


"Mayor Bloomberger is planting 1 million trees in New York 
City. Well, we need more trees, because currently, squirrels 
have to wait until another squirrel dies before they can move 
into a tree." -David Letterman


"Women now have choices. They can be married, not married, 
have a job, not have a job, be married with children, un-
married with children. Men have the same choice we've 
always had: work or prison." -Tim Allen 


Store Price: $14.99 
DEAL PRICE: $5.99 

This convenient folding speaker system is perfect for in your 
home office, on the road, just about anywhere. Enjoy stereo 
sound from these aluminum speakers anywhere you go. Conveniently 
folds to a compact size too. Powered 3 ways so you can plug them 
in at home with the USB Cord (included), or AC adaptor (not 
included). Or use 4 x "AAA" batteries (not included) to make it 
completely portable. 

- Amplified Aluminum Speaker: Enjoy stereo sound anywhere you go. 

- Folding Speakers: Speakers fold to a compact size for easy 
  storage and portability. 

- Battery Powered: Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included). 

- USB Powered: Plug into your computer's USB port (cable included). 

- AC Powered: Plug into any standard 110 Volt AC wall outlet in 
  your home (not included). 

Grab a set or two. I guarantee you'll love them. 

Portable Folding iPod Speakers

New Year's Resolutions -- Over Time

2004: I will get my weight down below 170. 
2005: I will watch my calories until my weight is below 200. 
2006: I will follow my new diet until I get below 220. 
2007: I will work out once a week. 
2008: I will drive past a gym at least once a week. 

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes ---------------*

A man and a little boy entered a barbershop together.

After the man received the full treatment - shave, manicure, 
haircut, etc. - he placed the boy in the chair.

"I'm goin' to buy a green tie to wear for the parade," he 
said. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

When the boy's haircut was done and the man still hadn't 
returned, the barber said, "It looks like your daddy forgot 
all about you."

"That wasn't my daddy," said the boy. "He just walked up, 
took me by the hand and said, 'Come on, son, we're gonna 
get a free haircut!'"


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