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Publication: Classic Laffaday
Help Me, TZ!

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       Classic Laff-a-Day - June 19, 2008
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Greetings Laff Lovers,

How about a quick session with TZ: Sex Therapist...

TZ, honestly, what is it with men and anal sex? That's all my
husband wants. I give him the best blow jobs I know how to give
and he still only wants anal sex. Well, I just can't do it.  So
do you know any men that will settle for regular vaginal sex
and blow jobs?
   [Yeah, most of us. But if he still insists tell him that you
will acquiesce only after you’ve poked him in the ass. If he
agrees, then you should start to worry.

TZ, I recently found my husband’s stash of porn. What should
I do? I’m really upset.
   [That pig! I’ll tell you what, send it to me. I know exactly
what to do with it.]

TZ, Lately my wife keeps laughing during sex. It’s starting to
piss me off. What should I do?
   [I don’t know. I’ve been struggling with that one all my

Help me, TZ! I can’t keep up with my husband. He wants IT
nearly every night. What’s a girl to do?
   [Keep up.]

TZ, I have a serious question. I’m a woman who is up for
anything. Is there anything that is truly taboo between man
and wife?
   [Yeah, don’t yell at him.]

Dr. Ruthingly,



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Interesting Things That Have Been Taxed

Bachelors (England in 1695 A.D. and Missouri in 1820 A.D.)
Beards (Russia, 1702 A.D.) 
Cooking Oil (Ancient Egypt, approximately 2000 B.C.) 
Souls (Russia, approximately 1682 A.D. This is why Russia fell--
they claimed they had no souls.) 
Urine (Rome, 1 A.D.) 

Besides taxing beards and souls, Peter the Great of 
Russia also taxed: hats, boots, beehives, basements, 
chimneys, food, clothing, birth, marriage and burial.

Like a lot of husbands throughout history, Webster would sit
down and try to talk to his wife. But as soon as he would start
to say something, his wife would say, "... And what's that
supposed to mean?"

Thus, Webster's Dictionary was born.

"Minks are mean little critters. Vicious, horrible little
animals who eat their own. They're not beavers. I wouldn't
wear beavers. I'd rather have a mink coat made of mean little
critters that are killed in a very nice way and treated nicely
for their short, mean lives so that I could keep warm."
     --- Actress Valerie Perrine

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Here it is, middle of the day on Monday, and my wife calls to
ask me if I want to pick her up and drive downtown to say
goodbye to her mother who’s been visiting some cousin or

"Huh?" was all I could muster.

"Mama’s leaving today," repeated my wife. "Can I ask you to
come with us and say goodbye?"

"Sure, Honey. Ask me tomorrow."


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