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Publication: Classic Bizarre
Man Survives Spear Through Head

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         CLASSIC BIZARRE NEWS - Tuesday, December 12, 2006           
"A wild journey into the history of the most bizarre stories EVER."
          GopherCentral's Question of the Week
Do you think explosives were planted in the Twin Towers to 
bring them down?
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Greetings Fellow Bizarros:

I hope everybody here in the U.S. had an exceptional Inde-
pendence Day. We did the usual...invited a few neighbors 
over, had a barbecue, stayed up late to watch fireworks. 

Only one rather unusual event happened, and I'm afraid it 
was my poor wife who paid the price. My neighbor Frank 
likes to consider himself a practical jokester. After we 
had eaten I set the barbecue grill on the side of the 
deck to cool off and let the coals burn down. When nobody 
was looking in his direction Frank popped a Blackcat into 
the grill. 

There was just enough heat left to light the thing and the 
explosion made everybody jump out of their seats. It also 
sent a small cloud of ash into the air which the wind 
carried directly into my wife's face. She was not happy. 

Frank appologized so many times (after my wife came back 
out of the house with fresh clothes on) that she finally 
forgave him. But something tells me we won't be having any 
more neighborhood barbecues for a while. 

In related news, the family has finally convinced me to 
take them on vacation. So next week we'll be on the road 
to Florida. Air fares for the entire family were so cost 
prohibitive that we decided to drive. I'm sure that will 
be an adventure by itself. Hopefully I will be able to send 
an issue to the office from the road. And now...on with the 



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----------- Man Survives a Spear Through the Head ----------

CRETE, Greece - In a truly bizarre accident a 20-year-old 
student accidentally shot himself through the head with a 
spear gun while fishing by himself at a beach in Crete. 
When the young man's friends realized he was missing they 
contacted lifeguards in the area. That is when lifeguard 
Stelios Xenakis found him in the water. Xenakis said, "He 
was floating upright with water up to his waist, and I 
reckon he was in this position for about six hours. He was 
conscious and aware of his environment. He couldn't speak 
and was having trouble breathing." The 40-inch long spear 
was embedded in the boy's head, entering at his jaw and 
protruding from the top of his skull. It took neurosurgeons 
over three hours to remove the spear. The boy's life was 
spared by millimeters - the spear had passed through one 
of the spaces in the brain that are non-functional. The 
lucky boy reportedly has no health problems and is back 
at home. No word on how soon he'll go spearfishing again.

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----- Polar Bears Vs. Homeowners in Norway Crime Spree -----

NORWAY - Thieving polar bears are on the loose in Norway and
have already broken into 20 cabins. After they break into
the person's home, they smash doors, destroy furniture, and 
empty drawers, but they have not physically harmed any 
civilians. At first, authorities tried to scare off the ani-
mals with loud noises, but they've had to resort to stronger 
means. Chief of police, Olav Tombre, said, "When warnings 
don't help we have to use language polar bears understand." 
The police plan to use rubber bullets to scare them and paint-
balls to easily identify them. Officials at the Polar 
Institute say that global warming will make it harder and 
harder for polar bears to find food. The Institute predicts 
more conflicts between homeowners and polar bears.

-- Young Boy Takes Grandpa's Advice; Shreds Dad's Salary ---

CATANIA, Sicily - Grandparents often share their sage advice 
with youngsters to teach them the values of life. A five-year-
old Sicilian boy took his grandfather's wisdom a bit too 
literally when he told him, "money is just worthless trash." 
The very next day the grandson helped his 33-year-old father 
get rid of his "trash." The boy found a wad of cash in his 
dad's wallet and tore it up into little pieces until it was 
unusable. Just in case, he threw the remains out of the win-
dow. It turns out the wad of money was actually his father's
entire monthly salary. Now it's just worthless confetti.

------------ Where Are You Going With That ATM? ----------- 

If you've ever wondered why more ATMs aren't stolen, there's 
a simple reason: They weigh a ton. That's why when three men 
attempted to drive off with an entire ATM the other day in 
Kansas City, they took two tow trucks with them. The Kansas 
City Star says that police starting getting 9-1-1 calls in 
the wee hours of Tuesday morning from people who were curious 
why tow trucks were parked in front of an ATM on Belleview 
Avenue. When police arrived, three men drove off in a Jeep 
Cherokee, abandoning the two tow trucks. The publication says 
that the ATM was slightly damaged but all of its money was 
secure. The investigation continues.

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-------- Art Thief Mugged by Homeless During Escape --------

HUNGARY - An art thief had successfully stolen several high-
priced paintings from a museum and made it out of the build-
ing when he slipped on some wet grass. He cried out in pain 
and accidentally woke up sleeping homeless people nearby. 
The vagrants seized the opportunity and took the thief's 
stolen goods, in addition to his tools and most of his 
clothes. The thief had been lying on the ground for 30 hours 
before anyone noticed and called police. The thief described 
the vagrants as "smelly" and said they had been sleeping 
"rough". Kiscelli Museum representatives fear the valuable 
paintings are no longer in existence and that the second set 
of thieves likely used them to start a fire.
[30 hours! The moral of this story is don't get mugged in 

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Lewis, I heart you! Just thought I'd tell you that you rock! 
[Well...that's what it says on the wall in the ladies room.]

Hey Lewis, what column does TZ write? I keep hearing about him 
in this newsletter and Chad's, but I still have no clue! -Jess
[TZ is the editor of Laff-a-Day, our adult humor publication. 
You can sign up for it on www.shagmail.com but I must warn you, 
he has no taste whatsoever.]

My God, Your God, "ONE NATION UNDER GOD"! What is the problem 
with some people? Is this so hard to understand? -Rhonda
[Ah ha! But what if you don't believe in God? How about some-
thing a little more descriptive, like... "One nation, under 

Hey Lewis, I love your newsletter; I recently ran across this 
article and thought you might be interested...

Semen acts as an anti-depressant. Semen makes you happy. 
That's the remarkable conclusion of a study comparing women 
whose partners wear condoms with those whose partners don't.
The study showed that the women who were directly exposed 
to semen were less depressed. The researchers think this is 
because mood-altering hormones in semen are absorbed through 
the vagina. They say they have ruled out other explanations.
[I wonder if it would work orally?]

In your comments Wednesday, you referred to the 'Republic'. 
What with all the hooplah over the 'Pledge' and the fact 
that it also refers to the Republic, could you explain to 
your readers why we 'don't' live in a democracy as most 
probably believe, but a republic and what the difference 
would be.
[It's as easy as pie. A pure democracy would be where every-
body takes part in government. A republic is when legislative 
powers rest with representatives elected by the people, and 
not the people directly. You might call it a "representative 
democracy." There will be a test on this later.]

Hey Lewis, one of my favorite examples of bizarre political 
correctness was, ...one Ohio professor received hate mail 
and even death threats for proposing to teach a course ex-
posing political correctness. Ironically, the university's 
Women's Studies director said, "We forbid any course that 
says we restrict free speech." -Patrick Colvin

I've been reading Bizarre News for some time and love a good 
witty commentary. Unfortunately you don't provide one. Your 
column would be fine if you just presented the "bizarre" 
stories and didn't preface it with your asinine remarks. So 
I'm unsubscribing and that's unfortunate, because I really 
did like reading the stories.
[Here is a man with a serious phobia of "scrolling."] 

Hey Lewis...did you know Queen Anne had a transvestite cousin, 
Lord Cornbury, whom she assigned to be governor of New York 
and New Jersey. The colonists were not amused.     
[Maybe, but it's funny now.]

------------------ END OF READER COMMENTS ------------------

Well, that is a wrap for Classic Bizarre News. How did we do? 
Send comments and questions to: 
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