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Publication: Classic Bizarre
Giving Birth A Climax in Porn?

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<<<<<<<<<<< From the Bizarre News Archives >>>>>>>>>>>          

     CLASSIC BIZARRE NEWS - Friday, March 2, 2007           
"A wild journey into the history of the most bizarre stories EVER."

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

I saw this story on Friday, so you have undoubtedly already 
heard it...but this kind of thing deserves a little extra 
attention. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter won the Nobel 
Peace Prize for his peace mediation efforts and promotion of 
human rights. 

Carter, who was president from 1977-1981, brokered the 1978 
agreements that were signed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat 
and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin at the U.S. pres-
idential retreat Camp David. 

Included in the story was something I did not know about the 
Nobel prize procedure. 

The list of nominations, which this year included 117 indivi-
duals and 39 groups, remains secret for 50 years! Personally, 
I think this is a little unfair. Even if you don't win it is 
still a pretty big accomplishment just to get nominated and 
would undoubtedly help in getting laid. 


Several months ago we ran a story about a New Zealand woman 
named Nikki who wanted to give birth to her child as the 
climax of a pornographic film entitled "Ripe." The Department 
of Child and Family services filed an injunction against her 
to stop the film. After a lengthy court battle the court ruled 
against Nikki in a landmark decision. A Child and Family ser-
vices spokeswoman said, "It is an unnecessary impediment to 
put on a child growing up, knowing it has been in a porn movie. 
The baby is likely to be harmed merely by association with this 
film." There is no information on what the title of the film 
will now be changed to. 



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the attack not because of ruckus activity, but due to the fact 
that the call girl was his own daughter. The mere sight of 
his child as she entered the room sent the man into such shock 
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chains. He proceeds to apply lotion to the face of a man sit-
ting in a barber chair in front of him wearing a tight-fitting, 
three-piece suit, with a big-collared open shirt. Mr. Taylor 
described the commercial as "character assassination", as he 
believes the spot insinuated he was a gay hairdresser. Taylor 
says the video has cut his chances to be elected into office, 

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Why didn't you have reader comments??? I know you're stepping 
up the turn-out to 5 times a week, but surely enough of us 
write in to be allowed to bask in the bizarre glory!  I'm a 
guy, and therefore I don't have boobs to take pictures of 
and send you, however, hopefully you'll post this anyway.  
[Thanks for not including the pic, Chris.]

Lewis...About the guy in Florida who legally changed his name 
to "I am what I am." What next? Popeye will change his name 
to "I yam WHAT I yam"?

Personally, I like to [CENSORED] at work, WHILE reading Bizarre 
News. -Diane
[I read a somewhat unappetizing statistic which said that in 
an average week you will shake hands with at least five women 
who have [CENSORED] without washing their hands afterward and 
also seven men who have done the same. Makes you cautious about 
who you shake hands with!]

Hey, is that really true about Catherine the Great? I heard 
she died while having sex with a horse. She was into bestiality, 
supposedly, and the harness that was being used to lower the 
horse onto her snapped and crushed her. Is that true? Thanks, 
Lewis, love the newsletter.
[I do not know if that is true, but it sounds like a rumor. 
Perhaps she was an equestrian and just got confused about which 
side of the horse she was supposed to be on?]

Lewis- How is it that TZ and Chaddick have no censorship 
what-so-ever in their publications and you do? Could it be 
personal choice or is someone holding you to a guideline? I'd 
like to read some filthy material in your newsletter, too!
- Alexandrea
[That's because subscribers to their pubs expect to be offended, 
while in Bizarre News offense is only coincidental.]

------------------ END OF READER COMMENTS ------------------

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