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Publication: Coffee Break
City: Bikini ban accidental

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 THE COFFEE BREAK - Monday, June 16, 2008             

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                City: Bikini ban accidental
City officials in Kanab, Utah, said a rule banning bikinis
at a public pool set to open July 4 was an oversight that 
will be amended.  Kanab City Councilwoman Nina Laycook
said the ban on bikinis for the ladies and Speedos for
the gentlemen was an accidental side-effect of copying
the dress code from the city's parks and recreation policy 
manual, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.  "We were so
engrossed with safety and health issues we overlooked 
the wording (about swimming attire)," she said. "We are
addressing that now by amending the policy."  Council
members said the policy will likely be revised at the
body's June 24 meeting.  Laycook said that while bikinis
and Speedos will almost certainly be allowed under the 
new rules, she supports some restrictions on swimming
attire.  "My recommendation is going to be no thongs or
string bikinis," she said.



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            Streaker fights lewdness charge
A university student in Bellefonte, Pa., claimed after her
arrest for streaking that her naked run did not qualify as
criminal under the law.  Penn State student Elizabeth 
Burke, 20, claims her participation in the "Mifflin 
Streak" -- an annual tradition of running down Mifflin
Road just after midnight to kick off finals week -- did
not violate laws against open lewdness because the act
did not "affront or alarm" anyone, as the law requires
for prosecution, the State College (Pa.) Centre Daily 
reported Thursday. "Just because a person doesn't approve
of the streak, that doesn't make it a criminal act," said 
Burke's attorney, Stacy Parks Miller. "Have we lost our
senses of humor?"  Centre County District Judge Thomas 
Jordan found enough evidence supporting the open lewdness
charge to refer the case to trial.  Seven other students
were arrested for participating in the streak, but Burke
is the only defendant who has not accepted a plea bargain
or sought to have the charges dismissed through the 
Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program.


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             Fire designers sacked over snowman
The Rockport, Mass., Firemen's Association said the designers
of an annual July Fourth bonfire were fired after they 
ignored a warning not to burn a fake snowman.  Tim 
Giarrosso and Rickard York were told by the association 
in 2004 not to use snowmen in the Independence Day fire 
after residents complained about a 12-foot inflatable 
snowman that went down in flames atop the blaze, WCVB-TV, 
Boston, reported. However, the two men ignored the warning
and last year's fire was topped by a plywood Frosty the 
Snowman, leading the Firemen's Association to fire
Giarrosso and York as designers of the bonfire.

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