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Publication: Coffee Break
Cemetery to accommodate eternal Cubs fans

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Tuesday, July 15, 2008             

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New Yorker magazine hit newsstands Sunday with a caricature
cover depicting Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle,
as terrorists.

The cover shows Obama in a turban, engaging in that
now-infamous fist bump with his wife, who is toting an 
AK-47 and wearing her hair in a large afro. She’s also 
wearing combat boots, as an American flag burns in the
fireplace and Osama bin Laden’s picture hangs above the 

What are your thoughts on 'The New Yorker' cover?

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          Woman's yard junk legal if not pretty
A Maryland woman has annoyed her neighbors in a Baltimore 
suburb with her plastic reindeer, lampshades and the raised
middle finger sticking from her mailbox.  But repeated
visits by fire inspectors, police officers and other
Sykesville and Howard County officials have found nothing
illegal in Erin Alban's yard, the Baltimore Sun reported.
"We don't do pretty," said George Beisser, who heads zoning 
enforcement for Howard County. "What's one person's junk is
another person's art."  Alban had little to say to a Sun
reporter.  "It's like the choice of a car," she remarked 
enigmatically.  Neighbors complain that she won't talk to
them either. Jackie Costello said Alban began filling up
her yard almost as soon as she moved in two years ago.  
Roger Pilon of the libertarian Cato Institute said he 
thinks people have broad rights to do as they wish on their 
private property. He suggests the neighbors "lighten up."


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           Cemetery to accommodate eternal Cubs fans
Chicago's Bohemian National Cemetery plans to construct a 
replica of Wrigley Field's centerfield wall to store deceased
fan's ashes, the project's creator said.  Dennis Mascari, 
who created the "Beyond the Vines" memorial, said he wants
to secure a dozen restored Wrigley Field seats to be used 
in funerals or reflective moments at the memorial.  "Going
to visit loved ones at a cemetery is pretty sad and 
depressing. Here, you'll see your loved ones in a home away
from home. They're back at the ballpark," Mascari said.
Deemed "skyboxes for the afterlife" and "an eternal season 
ticket," the memorial will stand 24 feet tall and feature
a stained-glass representation of crowds cheering at a
game, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Sunday.  People will
have to fork over anywhere from $1,200 to $5,200 for spaces
to place their loved one's ashes at the site, which will 
store as many as 280 urns, the newspaper said.



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                Church cancels teen gun giveaway
An Oklahoma City church called off plans to give away a 
semiautomatic assault rifle at a weekend gathering of 
teenagers, the church's pastor said.  Plans called for
Windsor Hills Baptist to give away the weapon as a way of
encouraging attendance at the gathering but plans changed
when one the event's organizers was unable to attend, 
KOCO 5, Oklahoma City, reported Sunday.  The church's 
pastor, Bob Ross, said officials anticipated hundreds of 
teenagers from as far away as Canada would attend.  "We
have 21 hours of preaching and teaching throughout the 
week," Ross told KOCO 5.  The church Web site featured a
video showing the shooting competition from last year's 
conference. A gun was given away last year, but this year 
organizers decided to highlight the giveaway in promotions 
for the conference.  Ross told the TV station the church 
was not "putting a weapon in the hand of somebody that
doesn't respect it who are then going to go out and kill."
The gun giveaway has been taken down from the Web site,
but Ross said the church will give the gun away next year.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thought on Christie Brinkley's divorce case   
being so public?   

"Who is the complete IDIOT that would cheat on Christie
Nicole, Orlando

"It is sad that the case was made public, but I don't
think Brinkley had a choice.  The press would have gotten
the story either way."

"They should have kept the trail private.  Those kids will
not be made fun of because everyone knows daddy is a pig."
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