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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Celtic Cross Dreams

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Issue date: Saturday, March 18, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Hello, new subscribers. This is the Paranormal Insider. Do 
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Celtic Cross Dreams.

Hi Gus:
"This e-mail is for the reader suffering from bipolar 
disorder who asked what the plus (+) sign hovering above 
her bed signifies. Well, the first cross was a plus sign 
surrounded by a circle—the Celtic Cross.

"I'd also like to offer reassurance that she is not alone. 
I, too, have been told that I am bipolar. And like her, I 
see images and have internal dialogues in my mind from time 
to time. I take three different medications to control the 
condition, but they don't always work.

"I think that those of us who are bipolar have a unique 
gift that presents itself despite the chemicals that are 
prescribed for us to take. My approach is to remain very 
still when I have an acute episode... just watching and 
listening. Doing this, I've never had the feeling of being 
in danger. I've also gained valuable information and 

"I think the visitations she receives from the plus sign 
(or cross) are a blessing. She shouldn't be afraid. Or 
fight the experience. She should clear her mind and listen.
Being bipolar is like having a distorted sixth sense. Hope 
my little two cents helps."

The Plus Sign.

Hello Gus:
"I don't know what the plus sign represents, but I do know 
that this woman needs to get assistance in developing her 
powers. My niece began having paranormal experiences at an 
early age. She could hear her deceased father in particular,
but she never received the help she needed to develop and 
control her special ability and became mentally ill as a 

"She could also read minds. Without training, this special 
ability can also be 'crazy-making'. For example, during a 
card game, my niece was able to visualize the other players'
cards, but couldn't tell which were hers and which were 

"Too many times traditional doctors simply medicate people 
like my niece. They refuse to accept that there is such a 
thing as exceptional mental ability, or what your readers 
might call paranormal talent."

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Supernatural Powers.

Hello Gus:
"Please tell the woman that the way to tell if she has 
supernatural powers or a bipolar disorder is to notice 
if the things she sees and hears are borne out by later 
events, or by things she couldn't have known by normal 

"When I first began to see and talk to spirits at a young 
age, I, too, had a hard time accepting it. But through the 
years I learned to believe that what I saw was real, because
the spirits would tell me things that I couldn't have known 
otherwise. If this is the case with the woman who e-mailed, 
then she does not have a psychiatric disorder. She is having
extrasensory experiences.

"Therefore, she needs the help of an experienced psychic to 
teach her how to become comfortable with her gifts. A true 
shaman will take her on as an apprentice for free as long 
as she is mature enough to work diligently on mastering 
her skills. However, if she encounters a teacher who wants 
payment for this guidance, it is likely a scam. True 
teachers know that the reward comes from passing on 
knowledge to the next generation. The payment they receive 
is karmic, not material."

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Getting High on the Pyramids.

Theories abound on how Egypt's massive pyramids were 
constructed, but most center on their use of slave labor 
to move the giant stones into place. However, there's a 
growing belief in some paranormal circles that the multi-
ton blocks may have been transported via a form of "sonic
levitation." The precise means by which the monoliths were
floated into place is open to speculation, but could have 
employed a combination of gongs, trumpets, singing and 
chanting. The case for this theory is buttressed by the 
fact that there is no recorded proof that slave labor was 

Portrait of Thoughtography.

You may have the ability to take photos with your mind—and 
not even know it. Thoughtography is the ability to mentally
influence unexposed film, causing an image to form on its 
surface. The most famous research in this fascinating field
was conducted by Jules Eisenbud in Chicago. In a series of 
experiments, Eisenbud asked a subject to form a picture of 
an object in his mind. At that precise moment, the shutter 
of a nearby camera was snapped. When the film was developed,
it was often unexpectedly clouded or blackened. Amazingly, 
in some cases an image appeared that exactly resembled the 
picture mentally formed by the subject!

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