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Publication: Thrifty Tips
Ceiling Fans Are Great!

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THRIFTY TIPS                                June 13, 2008
        "Pinch your pennies until Lincoln squeals..."

Greetings Thrifty Friends, Good Morning

Before I go on with todays' Thrifty Tips, I'd 
like to wish all our Dads' out there a very Happy 
Father's Day on Sunday. I hope your day is filled 
with warmth and love. Have a GOOD DAY and GREAT 

Keep pinchin' those pennies,   

Watch this one-of-a-kind video of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies!

FULL SIZE United States Marine Corps Flag

Normal Price: $19.99

Celebrate the most feared and respected troops in the world
with your own Marine Corps flag. For over two hundred years
the first line of offense in every American military effort
has been the U.S. Marines.

* Measures 3 ft. x 5 ft.      * Water Resistant
* Durable Polyester           * Metal Grommets

With this special price you save $15.00 off the normal price.
There is no better time to get one of these handsome flags. To
see a picture or to order, visit:

FULL SIZE United States Marine Corps Flag



If you plan to install new shades or blinds to help 
keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the 
summer, consider mounting them outside the frames. 
If they're installed inside window frames, air can 
leak along the edges. Outside mountings help reduce 
the flow of cold air in the winter and hot air in 
the summer into the room.

BONUS TIP: Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan/light combination units that have earned 
the ENERGY STAR are about 50% more efficient than 
conventional fan/light units. This can save you $15-
$20 per year on utility bills, plus any additional 
air conditioning or heating savings you may gain when 
your fan is operated properly.


2-PK OXY WASHER BALLS w/ Bonus Stain Stick

Normal Price: $19.99

The Oxy Washer Balls are the ones you've seen on TV but at
1/2 the price. It's the natural way to wash your clothes. It's
a treat for your clothes that's GREAT for the environment.

HOW DO THEY WORK?  EASILY... Just toss washer balls in your
washing machine with your laundry. The oxygen powered pellets
super charge your wash water to clean, soften and freshen your
clothes without harsh detergents.

* Cleans laundry naturally      * No harsh chemicals
* Safe for all fabrics          * Hypoallergenic
* Each Washer Ball washes       * Saves money!
  up to 45 loads - that's 90 loads in all!

Pack includes 2 Washer Balls plus a BONUS stain remover stick!

Save more when you buy two or more. Get two packs (four washer
balls in all) for $15.98 an additional savings of $4.00

2-PK OXY WASHER BALLS w/ Bonus Stain Stick



Save your money simply and successfully with all of Penny's   
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