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Publication: Today's Consumer
Cannondale Recalls 2007 Model Road Bicycles

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            TODAY'S CONSUMER - Friday, January 12, 2007
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     Cannondale Recalls 2007 Model Road Bicycles
                   Due to Brake Failure

The following product safety recall was voluntarily con-
ducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers 
should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise 

Name of Product: Cannondale 2007 Model Road Bicycles

Units: About 700

Manufacturer: Cannondale Bicycle Corp., of Bethel, Conn.

Hazard: The bicycle’s front brake can fail, causing the 
rider to lose control and fall.

Incidents/Injuries: No injuries have been reported.

Description: The recalled road racing bicycles are made 
from aluminum and carbon fiber or all carbon fiber. The 
model name is printed on the bicycle’s top tube. They 
were sold in the following colors: natural aluminum/
carbon, red, black or black and blue. Recalled models 

Cannondale Models 
2007 Six 13 Team 1 
2007 Six 13 Team 1/Compact Drive 
2007 Synapse Carbon SL1/Compact Drive Si Crank 
2007 Synapse Carbon SL1/Standard bottom bracket,
Dura Ace Crank 

Sold at: Authorized Cannondale dealers nationwide from 
July 2006 through November 2006 for between $3,200 and 

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the bicycles 
immediately until inspected or repaired. Cannondale or
Authorized Cannondale Dealers have contacted affected 
consumers directly for a free inspection and repair, 
if necessary.

Consumer Contact: Consumers with one of the recalled 
models who have not been contacted by Cannondale or an 
Authorized Cannondale Dealer can contact Cannondale at 
(800) BIKE-USA between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday 
through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at 

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         Job, medicine could ax health coverage

LOS ANGELES, -- Health insurers in California can refuse 
to cover individuals because of their jobs or because 
they take certain medicines, documents showed. Total 
groups of workers -- roofers, pro athletes, migrant farm-
ers and firefighters among them -- are denied insurance, 
even if they're in good health and can afford it, The Los 
Angles Times said Monday. According to actuary tables, 
certain workers are too big a risk to underwrite. Blue 
Cross of California, the state's top seller of individual 
policies, does not exclude applicants based on occupation, 
but three others do: Blue Shield of California, PacifiCare 
Health Systems Inc. and Health Net Inc. But all four 
health plans examine prescription drug use when deciding 
individual policies, documents showed. Dozens of widely 
prescribed medications for heart burn and asthma, for 
example, may lead to rejection, according to underwriting 
guidelines, the Times said. Health plans said the restric-
tions, legal in California, are necessary to keep premiums 
down. As state lawmakers and the governor consider extend-
ing coverage to many of the state's uninsured, consumer 
advocates said such policies are too restrictive. "This 
isn't cherry picking; this is ignoring whole orchards of 
people," Jamie Court, Foundation for Consumer and Tax-
payer Rights president, told the Times.

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         New Taser, $300, debuts at trade show

LAS VEGAS, -- Taser International debuted a smaller and 
less expensive version of its popular stun gun at the 
2007 International Consumer Electronics Show in Les 
Vegas. Taser devices deliver a jolt of electricity that 
renders a target immobile for about 1 minute. The new 
Taser, called the C2, goes on sale in April for a retail 
price of $300. It is approximately the size of a TV 
remote control and comes in a variety of colors. The C2 
will be less powerful than the version currently used by 
police officers, USA Today reported Monday. Critics of 
the device say that it is too affordable and that it is 
likely to be misused or overused by consumers, USA Today 
reported. Private citizens will need to pass a background 
check to obtain a C2. As an additional security measure, 
the device shoots pieces of confetti encoded with its 
serial number whenever it is used, allowing police to 
trace the use of the new Tasers.

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