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Publication: Gizmorama
Campaign seeks to save Windows XP

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Gizmorama - Campaign seeks to save Windows XP
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Good Morning,
Yesterday I mentioned that Microsoft is stopping the sale of
the Windows XP operating system. Many of you wrote in, and
most really do not like the Vista OS. One of today's articles
is about a campaign that seeks to save Windows XP... check 
it out below. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will decide to keep
it around. 

Until Tomorrow,

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	 Fossils show evolution from water to land

Scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden say newly found 
fossils from Latvia suggest the transformation of fish into 
land creatures occurred gradually. Although it's been long 
known that the first backboned land animals or "tetrapods" -- 
the ancestors of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, 
including humans -- evolved from a group of fishes about 370 
million years ago during the Devonian period. But scientists 
had not obtained a complete picture of the intermediate steps 
in that transition.  But now new fossils of the extremely 
primitive tetrapod Ventastega, from the Devonian of Latvia, 
cast light on that key phase of the transition. "Ventastega 
was first described from fragmentary material in 1994; since 
then, excavations have produced lots of new superbly preserved 
fossils, allowing us to reconstruct the whole head, shoulder 
girdle and part of the pelvis", says Professor Per Ahlberg.
Reconstructions made by Ahlberg and Assistant Professor Henning 
Blom, together with British and Latvian colleagues, show 
Ventastega was more fish-like than any of its contemporaries.
The researchers say it appears different parts of the body 
evolved at different speeds during the transition from water 
to land. The study is detailed in the journal Nature.

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	   Miracle fruit turns sour into sweet

A Florida grower said demand is rising for a red berry 
nicknamed "miracle fruit" that can make sour things taste 
sweet. Curtis Mozie said the berries, which are native to 
West Africa, change taste for more than two hours, making sour 
things such as limes taste like candy, the South Florida Sun-
Sentinel reported Monday. Scientists said the berry, Synsepalum 
dulcificum, contains a glycoprotein called miraculin that 
changes taste. Mozie, who has more than a thousand "miracle 
fruit" trees in his orchard, charges $3 a berry and ships 
3,000 berries a week, the newspaper said. Cancer treatment 
centers have contacted him to see if the fruit will boost 
the appetite of chemotherapy patients, the newspaper said.

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	     Campaign seeks to save Windows XP

A San Francisco editor for a popular tech site says he is 
leading a campaign to stop Microsoft from discontinuing sales 
of Windows XP this week. Galen Gruman, an executive editor of 
Web site InfoWorld, said his online petition urging Microsoft 
not to discontinue sales of XP to retailers and major PC 
manufacturers, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Monday.
Microsoft released Windows Vista as a successor to XP last year,
but Gruman said he and others have resisted the upgrade. "I 
think the issue is that it's not meaningfully better than XP," 
Gruman said. He said Vista's improvements in security and 
other areas are not significant enough to justify the 
inconveniences involved in switching to Vista, including 
several technical glitches found in early versions and the 
system's steep hardware requirements. Microsoft has said there 
will be some exceptions to its ban on XP sales, including deals 
made with manufacturers of computers that do not meet the system 
requirements for Vista. Security updates and other software for 
the operating system will continue to be produced through 2014, 
the company said. Gruman said he plans to mail a printed version 
of the online petition to the home of Microsoft Chief Executive 
Steve Ballmer."Maybe the big stack of paper will drive it 
home," Gruman said.

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