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Publication: Diet Buddy
Calorie Myths, Big Burners, Easy Slimmers, etc...

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, July 23, 2007
Calorie Myths, Big Burners, Easy Slimmers, etc...

Hi There Buddies...

Today I'll get right to all the various ways we can 
incorporate different fitness routines into our daily 
lives or whether we just want to change some of our 
present activities around a bit.  

Keep in mind, as long as we do SOMETHING to get our bodies 
moving, we'll keep ourselves in a healthy physical and 
sharp mental state and burn those extra calories as well, 
compliments of Shape Magazine. 

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Common Calorie Myths Busted!

MYTH:  Mile Per Mile, Running And Walking Burn The Same...

Not even close.  "Running is a more energetic activity, 
because you're jumping off the ground with each stride," 
says David Swain, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science 
and director of the Wellness Institute and Research Center 
at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Per mile, 
running burns about twice as many calories.

MYTH:  You Need To Stay In The Fat-Blasting Zone To Slim 

"People think low-intensity exercise burns the fat from 
their hips.  That's not the case," says FITNESS advisory 
board member Annette Lang, a New York City - based private 
trainer and owner of Annette Lang Education Systems.  "If 
you work out easy for 15 minutes and burn 100 calories, 75 
percent may be from fat.  If you work out really hard for 
15 minutes and burn 200 calories, only 50 percent may be 
from fat, but you've burned more fat overall and twice as 
many calories."

MYTH:  You Can't Trust Those Numbers On The Treadmill...

Years ago, the calorie-burn indicators on some popular 
gym machines were reported to be notoriously inaccurate.  
"These days they do a pretty good job," says metabolism 
researcher Gary Hunter, Ph.D., of the University of Alabama 
at Birmingham, "especially if you program in your weight." 

MYTH:  You Burn More In The Cold...

It's true that you incinerate calories when you're shiver-
ing. But once you warm up during your workout, you won't 
use more energy just because it's chilly outside.

MYTH:  High-Calorie-Burning Exercises Are Best...

"For many people, what burns the most is the activity they 
can sustain for a long time, like power walking, hiking or 
bicycling," says Ainsworth.

Big Burners!  (400 to 500-plus per hour)

Elliptical Training - Burns 575

Mountain Biking - Burns 545

Circuit Training - (hard, with some cardio between sets) -
                    Burns 510

Cross-Country Skiing - (moderate) - Burns 510

Rowing - (moderate, stationary machine) - Burns 450

Swimming (freestyle laps, easy) - Burns 450

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Blast Calories In Your Sleep!

Staying alive takes a lot of energy.  Your basal metabolic 
rate (BMR) - the breathing, blinking and thinking you do 
each day - uses up about 60 to 70 percent of your total 
daily calories.  (Who knew?)  Though your BMR is genetic, 
it's not set in stone.  Here's how to tally it up and give 
it a boost.

>Your weight (in pounds)/2.2 X 24 = BMR

To Turn Up Your Daily Burn!

*  Make Some Muscle...

At rest, muscle burns more calories than fat tissue.  
Regular strength training can boost your metabolism 7 to 10 
percent - about 100 calories a day.

*  Feed The Flames...

Eating too few calories can backfire because you're more 
likely to lose metabolism-revving lean muscle, not fat.  
Experts recommend reducing your daily intake by no more 
than 1,000 calories from what you need to maintain your 
weight. For most women, that means not dipping below 
about 1,100 calories a day.

*  Enjoy A Jolt...

Caffeinated coffee can be a metabolism booster, as can 
green tea.  The result isn't dramatic, a few calories a 
day, but every little bit adds up.

Easy Slimmers!  (150 to 300 per hour)

Flamenco, Belly Dancing - Burns 290

Shooting Hoops - Burns 290

Golfing (walking and carrying clubs) - Burns 290

Rebounding (jogging on a mini tramp) - Burns 290

Water Aerobics - Burns 255

Tai Chi - Burns 255

Brisk Walking (3.5 mph) - Burns 245

Pilates (general mat workout) - Burns 160

Yoga - Burns 160

Abs Class - Burns 160

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Workouts That Keep On Working!

The harder you exercise, the longer your body continues to 
zap calories after you're done.  Infuse your routine with 
these high-energy bouts to boost your afterburn by up to 
100 calories (always warm up and cool down).

*  Hi-Lo Bursts...

For 3 minutes, work at an 8 or 9 on a 1 to 10 scale (with 
10 being a full throttle sprint).  Back down to an easy 
pace for 3 minutes.  Repeat 4 times.

*  Low Reps...

Add a heavy day to your weekly weight routine.  Pick a 
weight you can lift just 5 times.  Do 4 sets of 5 reps of 
your usual exercises.  Bonus:  Super toning!

*  Quick Splits...

Do 2 or 3 fifteen-minute high-energy cardio bouts, 
separated by 5 minutes of easy-paced activity.

*  60-Second Blasts...

Push yourself completely into the red for 60 seconds.  
Catch your breath for 2 to 3 minutes.  Repeat.  Work up 
to 15 sprints.

Steady Scorchers!  (300 to 400 per hour)

Weight Lifting (dumbbells or machines) - Burns 385

Hiking (without a pack) - Burns 385

Walk-Jog Intervals - Burns 385

Body-Sculpting Class - Burns 350

Kayaking - Burns 320

Jazz Dance - Burns 305

Power Walking (very briskly, 4 mph) - Burns 320

*Note: calorie burns are based on a 140-pound woman.  
If you're heavier, you'll burn more; if you're lighter, 
you'll burn fewer.


Did You Know ??? 

You're more likely to tap into your fat fuel stores and 
burn calories if you chow down afterward.

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice. 


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