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Publication: CBS Soaps
Mike Isn't Ready

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Adam buys back some of the bonds from Adam's dorm-mate, 
then makes a call. Katie is upset Mike isn't ready to 
start a family. 

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Paul throws Meg's picture into the fire. As it burns, 
Paul has a disturbing vision about the blood drive. Meg 
is distracted by thoughts of Paul as her patient codes. 
Despite all medical intervention Meg's patient dies and 
she's devastated. 

Adam and Gwen have their hopes up about the impending 
visit with the record exec, but Will arrives revealing 
that they're broke. 

Barbara offers money but Will doesn't want to take it, 
upsetting Adam and Gwen. Will is reluctant but sees how 
much it means to Gwen and accepts. Adam thinks aloud to 
Gwen that Will wants to pull the plug on the CD. Will 
tells Barbara he plans to keep the bonds in the safe at 

Tom returns home from the hospital and Margo discovers 
her mad money has been stolen. Maddie reminds Casey he 
took the spare key from that drawer, but he covers. Adam 
asks Casey if he stole the money, but he denies. The 
family agrees to throw a party for Tom. Elwood discovers 
Casey been racking up more gambling debts. Elwood reminds 
him of all the money he owes and tells Casey to get the 
money soon. Will puts the bonds in the safe, and locks up. 

Casey sneaks in, and opens the safe. Torn Casey finally 
gives in and steals the bearer bonds from the safe and 
trashes the place to make it look like a robbery. Guilty 
Casey arrives to the party, as everyone is proud of him 
for initiating the music project. 

Later, Casey leaves to meet Elwood and gives him the 
bearer bonds. Adam watches from the doorway. Adam sees 
Casey giving Elwood the bearer bonds, as Lisa calls Margo 
telling her the bearer bonds are missing. Maddie accuses 
Jade of the theft. 



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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Josh fiercely hugs Reva after they learn the lump she 
found is benign. The 70th Anniversary show will delve 
into the history of Guiding Light. 

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

Tammy pushes Jonathan out of the way and is hit by an 
oncoming car. Jonathan calls 911 and begs Tammy to wake 
up and not leave him. 

At the hospital, Reva comforts Jonathan as he tries to 
get answers from the doctors. Later, Remy is suspicious 
when Lizzie knows it was a car accident. Cassie rushes 
in, and the doctor reports uncertainty if or when Tammy 
will wake up. Jonathan holds Tammy in his arms, willing 
her to fight. 

Meanwhile, Lizzie is unsettled as she realizes that Alan 
isn't scaring or buying Jonathan off and tries to warn 
Jonathan, but Alan says it's too late. Alan tries to 
justify, and Lizzie attacks Gillespie wanting answers. 
She rushes to the hospital, as Gillespie tells Alan that 
there was a problem with the job--Gillespie hit Tammy. 

Jonathan sits vigil at Tammy's bedside, as guilt-ridden 
Remy vows to find out who was behind the hit-and-run. 
Lizzie tells Jonathan how Tammy made her feel like she 
belonged, but Jonathan is suspicious of Lizzie. 

Jonathan is pulled away before he can question Lizzie 
further, and swears that Lizzie and her family will pay 
for what they did. Harley comforts Cassie as she breaks 
down. Jonathan continues to beg Tammy to come back to 
him and suddenly, her eyes flicker open. Tammy wakes up 
and urges Jonathan to get Sarah away from Lizzie and 

Jonathan and Reva leave on a mission to bring Sarah to 
Tammy. Alan refuses to let Reva take Sarah to Tammy, so 
Jonathan kidnaps Lizzie until Alan hands Sarah over. 

Lizzie threatens to sue for custody, and Jonathan turns 


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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Rick reveals his skepticism toward Brooke's relationship 
with Ridge. Nick is sure that destroying Forrester Orig-
inals will bring Brooke back to him.

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Arthur Harrison arrives for his meeting with Brooke and 
Ridge. They inform him of their engagement and he agrees 
to carry Forrester Originals new fashion line. Brooke and 
Ridge celebrate the deal. Brooke tells Ridge she doesn't 
want their feud with Nick to get ugly. 

Nick wants to get to know Taylor better and invites her 
to lunch at Chuck's. While they are eating Nick gets a 
phone call from Arthur and must go meet him right away. 
They depart and Taylor accidentally leaves her sunglasses 

Arthur is shocked when Nick offers to buy his company. 
Phoebe demands to know of Taylor what is going on between 
her and Nick. Nick offers to buy all of Arthur's boutiques. 
Arthur needs time to think about it. Nick has Storm draw 
up the necessary documents. 

Pamela tries to convince Eric to call Stephanie as Jackie 
sneaks upstairs. Jackie undresses, slips into the master 
bath with some champagne and waits for Eric to enter. When 
he does, Jackie attempts to seduce him but he remains 
loyal to Stephanie. He is called away to work and Jackie 
tells him she'll wait for his return. 

Pamela finds Jackie in the bathtub, tells her she needs to 
respect Eric and Stephanie's marriage and packs up her 

Thorne asks Bridget if she's heard anything about Taylor 
falling for Nick. Bridget decides to find out for herself 
and heads over to Taylor's house. Phoebe asks Taylor if 
there is anything going on between her and Nick and Taylor 
tells her they are just friends. Nick arrives to give 
Taylor the sunglasses that she left at Chuck's. As he 
reaches into his briefcase she notices a picture of her 
with Thorne and Alexandria. 

Nick tells her it was going to be her wedding present. 


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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Jana approaches J.T and asks if Colleen is with Korbel. 
J.T and Victoria are left wondering if Korbel is a serial 

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Paul returns to the warehouse and finds Sheila is much 
weaker then she was before. When Michael arrives, they 
agree that they must take Sheila to the hospital and 
live with the consequences of their actions. 

Michael tells Paul that he must tell Lauren about Sheila. 
Michael returns home and finally reveals to Lauren that 
Sheila is alive and is being held captive. After the 
shocking news wears off, Lauren says that she is going 
to call a babysitter and wants to see Sheila. 

At Korbel's apartment, Colleen opens up to Korbel about 
how she messed up her relationship with J.T. Korbel 
kisses Colleen, and they start to undress each other. 

In Geneva, where now Victor and Brad are tied up,Victor 
tells the Art brokers that he wants the Grugeon Reliquary 
and Lucas (another Art broker) informs Victor that he is 
the owner. Brad proceeds to explain what his family went 
through for the reliquary, and Victor agrees to trade 
his two Grugeon pieces for their reliquary. 

Lucas agrees, and the two make the trade. At the ware-
house, Lauren and Michael arrive and Lauren is stunned 
to see that Sheila's cell is an exact replica of Fen's 

When Paul tells Lauren and Michael that they have to 
bring Sheila to the hospital, Lauren protests, telling 
Paul and Michael to let Sheila die in the cell. 

At home, Lauren puts Fen to bed, then has a panic attack, 
and starts to destroy Fen's nursery. Michael enters, and
holds Lauren, trying to comfort her. They both tear up 
the nursery so that it will no longer resemble the nursery 
Sheila built.


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