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Publication: CBS Soaps
Holden Questions Lily

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Holden questions Lily's judgment, and she throws out her 
pills. Katie gathers friends as she awaits her show's debut. 

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Barbara blasts Casey after apologizing to Will. When 
Margo arrives, Barbara lays into her for her superior 
attitude toward Barbara all these years. Margo admits 
she doesn't trust Casey, and he says he doesn't know 
where Adam is. 

Meanwhile, Gwen and Maddie are too horrified to continue 
the search Adam's grave. They cover up Adam as best they 
can and hurry away. Later, Iris arrives and a guilty 
Gwen misreads her curiosity, thinking she's suspicious. 
Gwen arrives home, eager to scrub her dirty hands, but 
Will is on her heels and she has to hide them. Gwen's 
ring lies in the dirt covering Adam's grave. 

The next day, Will gives Gwen a new ring. Iris finds Will 
with the ring box, and Iris tells him Gwen's lying. Later, 
Gwen admits to lying to Iris about the ring and confirms 
she lost it helping Maddie pot plants. Maddie overhears 
Tom tell Casey that Margo won't rest until she finds Adam. 
Maddie types out what seems to be a confession, but then 
signs it with Adam's name. 

Despite Maddie's argument that Adam doesn't want to be 
found, Margo is ready to leave for LA and search for him. 
Casey stalls Margo by announcing he has news and reads 
aloud "Adam's" admission of guilt and selfishness. "Adam" 
insists he will stay in hiding because he can't face any 
of the people who love him. 


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Reva and Cassie grieve separately as they're both reminded 
of the children they lost. Frank orders Remy's uniform to 
be tested for blood and gunpowder residue.

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

Doris screams for help after Alan collapses and realizes 
he's been shot. Doris asks the judge if the marriage is 
still legal, as she pushes Beth out of the way to get to 

Meanwhile, Lizzie tells Lillian she never wanted this-and 
Lillian notices blood on Lizzie's hand and clothing. The 
next day, Doris tries to kick Beth and Lizzie out of the 
house. But as she's dragged out, Beth yells that they're 
going to hurt the baby and insists that it's Alan's. 

Doris tries to get Beth to take a pregnancy test, but Beth 
and Lizzie walk out to tell Alan the good news. Later, 
Lizzie shocks Cassie by apologizing for Tammy's death, and 
Cassie and Lizzie bond over losing a child. 

Mallet and Marina play good cop/bad cop with Lizzie. Later, 
Marina finds that a panel on the elevator ceiling has come 
slightly loose and finds a revolver. Someone has cleaned 
out Dinah's bank account and she can't wait to get her 
hands on whoever's done it. Marina comes across something 
that indicates the identity theft may be personal against 
Dinah. Mallet promises not to let anything happen to Dinah. 

Later, she privately makes a call to check on the status 
of a prisoner. Harley rails into Gus for covering for 
Daisy's bad behavior once again and insists that they have 
to be in this together. Josh acts as Cassie's alibi during 
the time of the shooting, then points a finger at Remy. 

Later, Marina confronts Remy about violating the restrain-
ing order and brings him in for questioning. 


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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Brooke persuades Rick that a relationship with Phoebe 
would put a strain on the family. Ridge tries to comfort 

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Phoebe is at Insomnia Café for karaoke night with her 
friend when Rick arrives. C.J. talks Phoebe and Rick into 
singing to keep the crowd from leaving. As they sing, the 
chemistry between them is undeniable. 

Phoebe then asks Rick for a ride home but he is hesitant 
because of Ridge's warning. A worried Taylor calls the 
office because she cannot get a hold of Phoebe and Brooke 
admits that Phoebe is with Rick. Ridge is not happy that 
Brooke hid the truth from him and wants to send Rick back 
to Europe to keep him away from Phoebe. 

As Rick and Phoebe wait for help, they share a kiss. The 
sexual tension between Rick and Phoebe is evident; there 
is a definite connection between them. As they lean in to 
kiss again, Brooke calls Rick and tells him that she told 
Ridge that he was with Phoebe. 

Later at Brooke's house, Ridge is so upset with Rick that 
he intends to throw him out once he gets home. Brooke 
pleads with him not to throw Rick out and they begin to 
argue. When Rick and Phoebe arrive home, Ridge makes Rick 
leave and Phoebe defends their relationship by telling 
Ridge that they have kissed and that she is in love. 

Meanwhile, Taylor and Nick are flirting and decide to play 
strip poker. Taylor is winning and both of them are enjoy-
ing each other's company. Nick and Taylor agree that they 
will always have feelings for their ex's but both are 
ready to start something new and exciting. 



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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Cane is filled with guilt. Amber decides to be less than 

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Milan leads Victor, Victoria, and Brad deeper into the 
catacombs, saying that he is taking them out of the 
tunnels so that they don't get in further trouble with 
the law. 

Milan sneaks off into a corner and eventually the group 
realizes that they are lost. They arrive at the gate 
that they just came from and discover it is locked. 

Victoria squeezes through the bars to go find help. 
While Victoria is gone, Victor and Brad pry open the 
gate and make their way back to the room with the 
treasure inside. There they find Milan packing up the 
gold. A fight ensues and Milan tumbles down the stairs 
to his death. 

Soon after, Victoria arrives with the authorities and 
they explain what happened with Milan and tell the auth-
orities about the treasure.

Neil consults Dru's therapist, Dr. Lynch, concerned that 
Dru believes that Carmen is still alive. Later, Neil 
receives a call from the D.A.'s office, confirming that 
the DNA results confirm it was Carmen who died. 

Dru returns home and informs Neil that she bought a high-
tech video surveillance system for their home to see if 
Carmen enters again. Neil reports to Dru that that the 
DNA results prove that Carmen is dead. 

Amber proposes to Cane, saying that she has booked their 
travel arrangements for Las Vegas. Cane accepts and they 
plan to leave for Vegas immediately. Ali dresses up in 
Cane's clothes, and arrives at the wedding chapel with 
Amber and they get married. 


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