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Publication: ViewPoint
Brzezinski Accuses Jewish Lobby of MacCarthyism

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Editor's Note:

Many people unfortunately believe that if you are critical 
of Israel that you are anti-Semitic. This is one way 
Zionists and Israel's supporters stifle debate on Israel. 

But this is increasingly becoming exposed as a ploy as 
Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Brzezinski, Bishop Tutu, 
and many other voices of justice express outrage at 
Israel's colonial expansion in the Middle East. 

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Brzezinski Accuses Jewish Lobby of MacCarthyism

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former national security adviser, 
said that the pro-Israel lobby in the US was too powerful, 
while the slur of anti-Semitism was too readily used 
whenever its power was called into question. 

Presenting a solution for the Middle East, he listed 
historical compromises that had to be made by Israelis 
and Palestinians but accused the American Israel Public 
Affairs Committee (Aipac) – the largest and most 
influential Jewish lobby group – of obstructing peace 

He said: "Aipac has consistently opposed a two-state 
solution and a lot of members of Congress have been 
intimidated and I don't think that's healthy." 

He added that other country-specific lobbies, such as the 
Cuban-Americans, the Armenians and the Irish, had also 
exerted undue influence in Washington. 

Mr Brzezinski, who served under President Jimmy Carter, 
was a key player in the 1978 Camp David Accords and remains 
an important voice in the US foreign policy establishment. 

An active author and analyst at 80, he is close enough to 
Mr Obama that his remarks may feed fears in the American-
Jewish community that the senator would soften America's 
traditional strong pro-Israeli stance if he became 

This perception has been created in part by Mr Obama's 
professed willingness to talk to Iran and partly by other 
foreign policy associates. 

In recent weeks, Mr Obama has courted the Jewish vote and, 
on Israel's 60th anniversary, underlined the need for the 
US to show "unshakeable" support. 

Mr Brzezinski has been accused of being "anti-Israel" 
by some Jewish academics, writers and bloggers after 
criticising Israel for excessive use of force and 
unwillingness to compromise. 

Last year, censure of him reached new heights when he 
defended John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, two academics 
who had criticised the pro-Israel lobby and were accused 
of questioning the right of the state of Israel to exist. 

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Mr Brzezinski said "it's not unique to the Jewish community 
– but there is a McCarthyite tendency among some people in 
the Jewish community", referring to the Republican senator 
who led the anti-Communist witch hunt in the 1950s. 

"They operate not by arguing but by slandering, vilifying, 
demonising. They very promptly wheel out anti-Semitism. 
There is an element of paranoia in this inclination to 
view any serious attempt at a compromised peace as somehow 
directed against Israel." 

Although Mr Brzezinski is not a formal day-to-day adviser 
and stressed he doesn't speak for the campaign, he said 
that he "talks to" Mr Obama. 

He endorsed the Illinois senator, lauding him as "head and 
shoulders" above his opponents. He said that he was the 
only candidate who understood "what is new and distinctive 
about our age". 

In turn, Mr Obama has praised Mr Brzezinski as "someone I 
have learned an immense amount from" and "one of our most 
outstanding scholars and thinkers". 

They share very similar views on the folly of the Iraq war. 

Robert Malley, a Middle East expert, recently quit as an 
Obama adviser after it emerged that he was talking to 
Hamas, the militant Palestinian group, as part of his work 
for the International Crisis Group. 

Senator John McCain, who would be Mr Obama's Republican 
opponent for the White House, is expected to focus on the 
46-year-old senator's lack of foreign policy experience 
and supposed weakness towards enemies. 

But as president, he will need the support of Aipac and 
other groups, which may be hard to achieve given his 

In Mr Brzezinski's view, whoever is the next US leader 
must persuasively propose the following dramatic steps 
to peace: a) Palestinians give up the right of return 
from Jordan b) demilitarise of the Palestinian state 
c) Israel share Jerusalem d) Israel return to its pre-
1967 war borders with "equitable adjustments". 

If this agenda is pursued, in time "Israel and Palestine 
could be the Singapore of the Middle East and that is in 
the interests of the US", he said.


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