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Publication: Gizmorama
British Columbia adopts solar power plan

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Gizmorama - British Columbia adopts solar power plan
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Good Morning,
TGIF! I hope you have enjoyed the articles this week. Yesterday
we had a story about the water found on Mars. Below is a link
where you can find out more and check out some pictures from
Mars... http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=5389688&page=1

Have a great weekend,

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	 British Columbia adopts solar power plan

Canadian officials in British Columbia said Thursday they 
plan to spend $5 million on increasing solar water heating to 
3,000 roofs in the next two years. The declaration by 
provincial government officials was made in Dawson Creek, a 
city known for its solar powered city hall, fire and police 
stations and airport, the Vancouver Sun reported Thursday.
The SolarBC plan is focused on inspiring schools, residents, 
residential projects and first nations communities to start 
using solar water heating systems, the newspaper said. 
Nitya Harris, executive director of SolarBC, approximated 
there are less than 500 businesses and homes in the province 
that use solar water heating. Officials said they are planning 
to install solar systems on 100,000 roofs by 2020. "We're 
pretty much close to ground zero. The world is going in this 
direction; everyone is going solar. The time is ripe for B.C. 
to go toward a solar program," Harris said.

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	   Glacial waves increasing in Arctic

Global warming will increase the occurrence of glacial waves 
such as the one that killed two Danish tourists in Greenland, 
an Arctic expert says.  Two elderly men drowned  Sunday when 
they were swept into the water while on a tour of Uummannaq 
on the western coast of Greenland. Sebastian H. Mernild of 
the University of Alaska said the phenomenon, known as 
jokulhlaup, occurs when lakes formed by glacial melt water 
burst through the ice, the Copenhagen Post reported Wednesday.
Mernild said jokulhlaup typically occurs where melted water has 
gathered on top of glaciers or glacial lakes have formed, which 
is likely to occur more often as temperatures in the Arctic 
rise. The floods can shatter bridges, roads and buildings in 
populated areas.


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	       Bird flu vaccine shows promise

A California company says its early-stage testing of a new 
bird-flu vaccine for humans looks promising. The vaccine uses 
specially engineered bacteria to produce genes of the avian 
flu H5N1 instead of the conventional, egg-based techniques, 
adding momentum to developing a faster, safer ways to protect 
against avian influenza, The Wall Street Journal reported 
Thursday. Vical Inc. of San Diego said its Phase 1 clinical 
trial tested several doses against a placebo in 100 healthy 
adults and safely triggered an immune response against H5N1.
Rather than using the half-century-old method of growing flu 
virus in hen's eggs and harvesting it to make a vaccine, Vical 
produces its vaccine using E. coli bacteria to make the flu-
virus genes H5 and M2, the Journal said. Instead of taking 
months as is the case with the traditional method, Vical's 
production time is between six to eight weeks, said Vijay B. 
Samant, Vical's president and chief executive. Since 2003, the 
H5N1 virus has caused 243 fatalities among 385 humans who have 
contracted bird flu. Public health agencies around the world 
have expressed concern about the virus mutating to a form 
human-to-human transmission could erupt into a pandemic.


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