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Publication: Bizarre News
Bizarre Video - Phoenix Lights Sighting

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          BIZARRE VIDEO - Thursday, July 10, 2008 
 "Spanning the globe for the weird...strange...and stupid."

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Are you the kind of guy who has ever used wrench as a hammer? 
I am. For years I kept my tools...all six of them...in a shoe 
box. So if you're not exactly Bob Villa you might want to 
consider investing in an exciting product we just picked up 

It's called Atomic Bond Putty and no matter what the job, you 
can repair it fast, safe, easily and PERMANENTLY with this 
amazing stuff. 

It's EASY! Simply cut, knead to activate and apply. Mixes like 
clay, stays where you put it, then hardens like steel. Bonds, 
fills, anchors, caulks and waterproofs just about anything. 

Can even be molded into or around any shape or material. Once 
dried, it can be sanded, dried and painted. Use it for pipes, 
bathtubs, tiling, plumbing, furniture...just about anything 
you can think of. The offer below will give you 3 tubes. Click 
the link to read more about it. 

Trust me, you'll be glad to have some of this stuff around the 

Visit: ATOMIC BOND PUTTY (3 Tubes in a package)

Now that the public service announcement is over let's take 
a look at some great video of one of the most credible UFO 
sightings in decades. 

Please scroll down for the link and don't forget to rate it! 



Do you remember Bozo The Clown?

If you're like me you grew up watching Bozo The Clown. There
were many different Bozo's around the country. Here in Chicago
it was Bob Bell. Even Willard Scott got his start being Bozo.

But there was one Bozo who started it all and to most people
he IS the one and only Bozo. That's Larry Harmon. 

On July 3, 2008 we lost Larry. Luckily his work and the magic
that is Bozo will live on forever. Check out this video clip
of Bozo. 

You can also buy the DVD at a discounted price. Check it out 
by visiting: Watch the magic of Bozo by visiting here

                * Last Week's Clip Results *

Firecracker Prank - 3.2

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                           * * *

                      * Today's Clip *

Phoenix Lights Sighting
(Current Rating - 3.3!)

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove the 
existence of alien spacecrafts, sightings have been too 
frequent over the last few decades to dismiss it entirely. 
One of the most famous sightings occurred in Pheonix, 
Arizona in 1997. 

Click here: Phoenix Lights Sighting


Well, that is a wrap for Bizarre Video. How did we do? Send 
comments and questions to: Email Lewis

More great videos for every interest at:  www.evtv1.com 
MORE FUN, AMUSEMENT AND PUBS: http://www.gophercentral.com

Copyright 2008 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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