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Publication: Bizarre News
He Really Likes That Picnic Table

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         BIZARRE NEWS - Saturday, March 29, 2008
 "Spanning the globe for the weird...strange...and stupid."
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Greetings fellow Bizarros:

I have done some bizarre things in the throes of passion. 
I remember one night in college, after a particularly 
steamy phone conversation with my girlfriend at the time 
who was still living back home, there was a tube of hair 
gel...well, that may not be an appropriate story, but then 
again, neither is this. 

It seems a man in central Ohio is accused of having sex 
with his picnic table...right out on the back deck. 

The investigation began when a tipster gave police three 
tapes showing Arthur Price having sexual intercourse with 
a round, metal table on his deck.

Police say the tapes show Price involved in a sex act in 
his bedroom. He walks out to his deck, tilts the table on 
its side and has sex with it.

You can imagine the neighbor walking over to the kitchen 
sink to pour himself a glass of water when he sees some 
maniac in the backyard next door with his pants around his 
ankles humping a piece of lawn furniture. 

Do you think your first reaction would be, "Honey! Come 
here quick and bring the video camera." 

Price admitted that he had sex with the picnic table when 
police questioned him. He confirmed the incidents caught on 
tape and said he had also had sex with the table inside the 
home. At least he's not strictly a voyeur. 



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+------------------- Bizarre Holidays --------------------+

April 1 is One Cent Day

April 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

April 3 is Tweed Day & Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day 

April 4 is Tell-A-Lie Day

April 5 is Go For Broke Day

April 6 is Sorry Charlie Day 

April 7 is No Housework Day 

For the rest of the list, go to: Bizarre News.com

p.s. The rest of the Bizarre Holidays for the month of 
     April will be put up on Tuesday April 1st. 


---------- Bank robbed by crossing-dressed man -----------

CLEVELAND - Investigators in Cleveland are searching for 
a man who robbed a US Bank branch while dressed as a 
woman. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said a teller 
described the suspect as a black man wearing a shoulder-
length wig and false fingernails, WEWS-TV, Cleveland, 
reported Thursday. Authorities said the man handed the 
teller a note that demanded money. It was not revealed 
how much money was taken from the bank, the report said. 


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slots., six (6) clear credit card slots, one (1) hidden 
pouch great for a key! There's a spot for everything... 

The Marshal motto of, Sure, Pure & Perfect is never more 
true than with this classic black wallet. It's a wallet 
that demands attention!

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through a special buy, we are able to offer this quality 
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wallets for less than the normal price of one.

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--------- Tied election decided by names in hat ----------

WINTON, Australia - A tied mayoral election in Winton, 
Australia, has been decided by unusual means -- picking 
a name out of a hat. Ed Warren, who has served as acting 
mayor of the Queensland shire since the retirement of 
former Mayor Bruce Collins eight months ago, was declared 
the winner after his name was pulled from the hat, The 
Courier-Mail reported. Warren and rival Graham "Butch" 
Lenton each received 423 votes. Local election law states 
that a tied mayoral election must be decided by drawing 
names out of a hat, or flipping a coin. "It is a disappoint-
ing way to lose the mayoralty," said Lenton. "What gets me 
is that the election is run fair and square according to 
the rules and then you get knocked off by lady luck." State 
opposition leaders have called for an end to the name-
drawing practice to decide the outcome of tied elections, 
suggesting the outcome should be decided by incoming 
councilors. "The incoming councilors have also just faced 
election and the people have given them their confidence 
to make informed decisions," opposition spokesman Howard 
Hobbs said. 

---------- County refuses toilet paper check -----------

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - A Binghamton, N.Y., man said he 
protested a high water bill by attempting to pay it 
with a homemade check printed on toilet paper. Ron 
Borgna said the Broome County Office of Real Property 
Tax Services refused to accept his $2,059.66 check -- 
which would cover the $422.90 bill, late fees and 
subsequent water and sewer bills -- despite an accompany-
ing bank statement proving that his account contained 
adequate funds, The Press & Sun Bulletin of Vestal, N.Y., 
reported. Borgna said the September 2006 water bill was 
four times the amount of his normal bill. His water meter 
and plumbing were tested in an attempt to discover the 
cause of the extra charges, but the only problem found 
was his meter over-registering by 1 percent, within the 
bounds of city regulations. The homeowner refused to pay 
the bill, and the fee was transferred to the county after 
one year. Borgna said he decided to pay the fine, but the 
county's refusal to accept his toilet paper check left him 
considering other creative payment options. "I don't know 
where I'm going to get $2,000 in nickels and dimes," he 


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----------- Husband burns absent wife's clothes ------------

PRESTATYN, Wales - A husband in Prestatyn, Wales, was fined 
$200 after he set fire to his wife's clothing when she 
stayed out drinking until the wee hours of the early 
morning. A court heard Steven Carter phoned his wife, Leah, 
at 5:30 a.m. to tell her he was burning all of her clothing 
except for her wedding shoes, The Sun reported Thursday. 
Carter said he resorted to drastic measures because his 
wife refused to recognize the effect that alcohol had on 
her mental health medication. "I saw it as the only way of 
saving our marriage," he said. However, Leah Carter told 
the court her husband is a "control freak." Steven Carter 
was fined $200. He and his wife are still together, the 
newspaper said. 

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SATELLITE, CABLE, Or a mix of all. 

The new glow keys make it amazingly clear to use in the 
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Just curious, could you speak with some engineer and describe 
what would have happened if even just one strap broke on that 
human slingshot video?... besides strengthen the gene pool.
[I'm sorry, we don't have any engineers on staff.]

A guy wins the lottery and goes back to work?  Talk about a 
lack of imagination! -Karen
[No kidding. I think I'd start a llama farm, or something. 
What would you do with a million dollars?]

So, Doug, we don't ever need guns? Well, I wish you were my 
neighbor. I would do exactly what I've seen other people do.
Get a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood and put a message on it stating, 
"My neighbor is against guns so out of respect for him I 
promise I will not use mine to protect him or his property." 

You said the only time you'd need a gun is if you're attacked 
by someone with a gun... heck, I'd have a gun if someone 
attacked me with a knife, a baseball bat, or any other deadly 
object.  It's not always about responding in kind, but making 
sure the bad guy doesn't hurt/kill you or loved ones. -Chris
[I'm sure a judge would love to hear why you felt it necessary 
to empty a revolver into someone carrying a stick.]

Lewis, The funny thing about the root beer keg party getting 
busted is that I go to the University of Wisconsin - Stevens 
Point which is about 15 or 20 minutes from Kroenenwetter, 
and every fall our Student Government Association puts on a 
Root Beer Pong competition, with a cash prize. It's advertised 
all over campus.
[I've seen this 'Beer Pong' being played, and my first impres-
sion was that hygiene doesn't seem to play a big part of the 

I disagree Lewis, guns have been called the "great equalizer" 
because some ad exec felt they empowered people. If someone 
attacks me with a gun, when I don't seem to have one of my 
own, I feel it is an act of a coward. Maybe they will shoot 
me, but all that means to me is that the police will react 
more violently when they capture the gunman. Most people who 
use guns for crimes aren't even well trained in their use, 
so they are more likely to wound than kill anyway. -KeAahr
[So...you're strategy is to trust a criminal to be a bad 
shot in order to protect yourself against a violent assault? 
If you own a flat screen TV can I have it when you die?] 

------------------ END OF READER COMMENTS ------------------

Well, that is a wrap for Bizarre News. How did we do? 
Send comments and questions to: Email Lewis 
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