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Publication: Bizarre News
Another Reason To Visit Alabama

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         BIZARRE NEWS - Saturday, June 7, 2008
 "Spanning the globe for the weird...strange...and stupid."

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Here's just another reason to visit sunny Alabama. A naked
Alabama man claiming to be Jesus Christ and George Bush was
shot four times with a stun gun by Jefferson County sheriff's
deputies after he repeatedly refused to heed their commands.

A motorist called deputies about 4 a.m. to alert them that
the man was standing nude in the middle of Alabama 79. As
the motorist approached the man, he stumbled toward the car
and was struck by the car's mirror.

Deputies, armed with X26 Tasers, ordered the man, Richard
Scott Odell, to the ground, but he refused. He was struck
in the chest by the Taser but didn't go down. He was struck
a second time and fell to the ground, but wouldn't roll
over to his stomach. When he was struck a third time, the
man yanked the Taser wires out of chest.

It took four zaps before Odell complied with deputies and
was secured with handcuffs and leg irons. Odell stated that
he was Jesus Christ and George Bush and that he could break
the handcuffs. Authorities said he appeared to be intoxicated.

I don't know what that guy was drinking but it probably came
out of a bathtub.

"This guy must have been to quite a party or he is quite a
party himself," said sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Randy Christian
said. "It isn't every day our deputies run into a naked man
standing in the middle of the highway. I guess they have truly
seen it all now, no pun intended."



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+-------------------- BIZARRE PHYSICAL --------------------+

Lee Graber of Tallmadge, Ohio, USA, endured the weight of 
the heaviest bed of nails on his body. He was sandwiched 
between two beds of nails, with a weight of 752.5 kg 
(1,659 lb) placed on top for a total of 10 seconds on 
June 24, 2000. The weight was loaded on top of him using 
a crane. 

England's John Evans achieved the world record for heaviest 
car balanced on head after he balanced a 159.6 kg (352 lb) 
Mini on his head for 33 seconds at The London Studios, 
England, on May 24, 1999. 

Cyclist Wolfgang Kulovman from Germany set a world record 
after riding 2.6 miles (4.1 kilometers) in 3 and a quarter 
hours under the sea on a lead bicycle.

Russian athlete Omar Khanapiyev, 38, set a new world record 
for pulling weight with his teeth. He towed a Kuban oil 
tanker for 36.3 feet in a shipyard. The vessel's weight 
was 1,100 tons. 


-------- Waitress laid off for bald charity haircut --------

OWEN SOUND, Ontario - A waitress in Owen Sound, Ontario, 
was laid off her job for having her head shaved almost 
bald to raise money for cancer research. Stacey Fearnall, 
36, who raised $2,700 in pledges for a Cops for Cancer 
fundraiser May 31, and had a thick head of red hair cut 
back to a near boot camp length. When she showed up for 
her part-time job at Nathaniel's Restaurant earlier this 
week, her bosses weren't happy, the Toronto Star reported 
from the city 70 miles northwest of Toronto. "They looked 
at me disgusted," Fearnall said, adding she had mentioned 
her plans to the bosses in April, and they didn't seem 
pleased, but said nothing more. Fearnall was told to take 
the summer off without pay until her hair grew back, she 
said. She has another part-time job at Annan Way Garden 
Nursery, and owner Pat Brooking told the Star her job was 
secure. "We're 100 percent behind her -- and anyway, she 
looks kind of cute," Brooking said. 

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--------- Parents sue judge for spanking orders ----------

LOS FRESNOS, Texas - A Texas couple is requesting that the 
state prevent a Cameron County judge from asking parents 
to publicly spank their children in court, a lawsuit says. 
The lawsuit was filed Wednesday by Mary Vasquez and her 
husband Daniel Zurita, claiming Cameron County Precinct 6 
Justice of the Peace Gustavo "Gus" Garza ordered Zurita 
to spank his 14-year-old stepdaughter in court, the 
Brownsville (Texas) Herald reported. The suit says Garza 
ordered Zurita to spank his stepdaughter with a heavy 
wooden paddle to avoid a criminal charge and $500 fine for 
missing school. "I did not feel that I had a choice but 
carry out the orders of the judge. When I was finished, 
Judge Garza told me that I had not struck (my stepdaughter) 
hard enough ..." Zurita said of the April 9 incident. 
Zurita said Garza has called for other minors to be 
spanked in court Wednesday. 

------------ Bride's vomit fear delays wedding -------------

LONDON - A London bride-to-be whose wedding was postponed 
because of her fear of vomiting said she is seeking hypno-
therapy to help her overcome her phobia. Emma Pelling, 19, 
said she has been unable to go through with her wedding 
to Gareth Heal because she suffers from emetophobia, an 
intense fear of vomiting, The Telegraph reported. "I have 
this recurring nightmare of being ill as a bride, running 
out of the church and abandoning my husband at the altar," 
Pelling said. Pelling, who said her fear has kept her from 
visiting places where she has vomited in the past, said 
she has sought the help of a hypnotherapist to help cure 
her of the phobia. "I want to make it a special day for 
both of us. I hope the hypnotherapist can cure me so I can 
enjoy our special day without the fear of being ill," she 

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--------------- Couples seek sex in space -----------------

SANTA FE, N.M. - Virgin Galactic, a New Mexico space
tourism company, said it has received several requests
from couples seeking to be the first to have sex in space.
Will Whitehorn, president of the company, said the approach
of Virgin's first planned space tourism flight, which is
expected to take place in 2009, has led to many curious
couples asking the company about sex in sub-orbital zero
gravity, The Telegraph reported Thursday. "We've had a
variety of people inquire about it," Whitehorn said of
space sex. "One got in touch about a charter flight so
they could be the first to have intercourse in space and
get in the Guinness Book of Records." Dr. James Logan, an
expert in space medicine, said the zero gravity portion of
the first space tourism flights will last only five minutes,
leaving very little time for intercourse. He said couples
would likely find sex without gravity to be more trouble
than it's worth. "Sex in zero gravity would more or less
be a flailing exercise quite frankly," he said. "Sex in
Martian gravity might be pretty appealing though."

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Lewis, I just read your comment from a few issues ago about
Leather Belt(TM), and I have to agree. It is a proven remedy.
My father and mother had a lifetime supply! And no prescrip-
tion is required; it is an over-the-counter remedy.
 -Larry Kling
[Well, it kind of helps if you use it on your own kids. I
don't think the neighbors would appreciate you chasing around
their kids with a belt...no matter how satisfying it might
be to you.]

How is this for Bizarre News, TZ and the Vice President both
dis West Virginia the same way  on the same day? You don't
think ol' TZ has political asperiations now that there are
a couple of guys in the states looking for partners to be
the junior prez? The only thing that would be more bizarre
is if he happens to be a cousin too.

Lewis, if you translate piglatin ash-tray into English, it
is trash. Seems appropriate?  Linda
[I hope you didn't spend a lot of time coming up with that

Lewis, I think Dorothy needs to understand that free speech
means we can say what we want. It doesn't give us the right
to speak any language we want. As for learning a few words
of another language...I don't see England, France, Germany,
Iceland, Russia, China, Mexico or the majority of the
nations in the world offering multiple languages for official
purposes. -Jonathan
[Actually, a lot of countries with high immigration do this,
particularly Great Britain.]

I just read where Cheney got in trouble about a off-hand
comment about West Virginia, so I just want to know why you
can get by with that sort of thing all the time?
[First...he did get away with it. All he got was a little
bit of criticism. I get criticized all the time. Secondly,
I am not an elected public official, so I don't have to
apologize to anybody.]

------------------ END OF READER COMMENTS ------------------

Well, that is a wrap for Bizarre News. How did we do?
Send comments and questions to: Email Lewis
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