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Publication: Bits & Bytes
Superbowl Sunday

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Bits & Bytes                                February 2, 2006  

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Is everyone ready for the Superbowl this Sunday? I'm not a 
huge fan of the game, but my husband usually has a few 
friends over, and my sister and her husband come over too. 
While the guys get into the game, my sis and I usually get 
into some good conversation! The only time I really pay 
attention is to watch the half-time show - hope it's a good 
one this year!


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          :::::  This Week's Computer Tip  :::::   

If you are using Microsoft Word in Windows XP, here is a tip 
to set your document so it will be double spaced. 

First, you must select the text you want double spaced - if 
it's the whole document, press Ctrl and A to select the 
whole document.

In the Menu bar, you'll click "Format" and "Paragraph"

Now in the "Paragraph" window, find the section titled 
"Spacing" that will be about halfway down the window.

Under "Line Spacing" there is a drop down list where you can 
chose single, double or several other options for spacing.

Click "OK" after you make your selection.

Disclaimer: Advice presented as informational and is true to 
the best of my knowledge.

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game environment complete with 3D game play, word problems 
and computations. Kids will have fun while improving their 
math skills. This program teaches Basic Algebra, Basic 
Geometry, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, 
Fractions, Percentages, Order of operation, Decimals and 
Word Problems. Windows 95

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as they march into the jaws of war, cautiously side-stepping 
hidden bombs. Suddenly, the clash begins. Your men morph 
into ranked soldiers. It's a battle to the death as you pit 
your wits against fellow humans or the computer. Everything 
you remember from the classic board game on your PC!
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If you like personal touches when you send a card, you'll 
love American Greetings Creatacard. This CDRom includes 
everything you need to create great-looking print projects 
every time. You can create projects from scrach, or use a 
ready-made template that can be personalized to fit your 
needs. American Greetings CreataCard includes thousands of 
designs, something for every event or occasion. Windows 
American Greetings Creatacard CDRom


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Copyright 2006 - PENN L.L.C.   All rights reserved. 

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