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Publication: Bits & Bytes
Resumes That Work

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Bits & Bytes                              November 23, 2006  
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Check out these CD-Roms below! If you are looking to enter the
work force than you will definitely need "Resumes that Work." 
Or if you are already employed you might be interested in 
creating your own business cards or stationary.


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          :::::  This Week's Computer Tip  :::::   

Someone wanted to know how to alphabetize the items in her 
start menu instead of having them show in order of addition. 

Follow these simple steps:

* Click on "Start", point to "All Programs" (or programs if 
you are using the classic start menu) and point to any item 
in your programs menu.

* Right click on any folder in the start menu, and then 
click "Sort by Name". This will automatically put the 
programs in alphabetical order.

Disclaimer: Advice presented as informational and is true to 
the best of my knowledge.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   


                     RESUMES THAT WORK 
                   F-R-E-E (pay only s&h)
                    Retail Price: $29.99 
          Move your resume to the top of the pile!
In this competitive job market, make sure your resume rises to 
the top of the pile. Get step-by-step advice on how to make 
your resume stand out from the crowd. Learn to highlight your 
strengths as you select from proven graphic styles that can 
help you land a new career.

Resume Writer - Enter your past job experience and Resume 
Writer will do the rest.
Job Investigator - Learn how to find your next place of work.
Winning Resume Tips - Teaches you how to overcome career 
changes, gaps in work history, age discrimination, current 
employment, no experience, and much more!
Letter Guide - Create the perfect cover letter for your resume! 
Getting Organized - Learn winning concepts on how organization 
will help you get the job you want.
Interview Coach - Learn what to do and not to do in your next job interview.

Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP 
Resumes That Work 


          GopherCentral's Question of the Week

WIll Nancy Pelosi make a good Speaker of the House?

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Question of the Week

                     F-R-E-E (pay only s&h)
                     Retail Price: $29.99 
             Perfect for anyone running a business. 

 You're no idiot, of course. You're a professional, and want 
 your business stationery to reflect it. But time is money 
 and the thought of hiring an expensive designer or designing 
 on your own leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Don't panic! The 
 Complete Idiot's Guide Business Card & Stationery Maker takes 
 you by the hand (or mouse), and leads you step-by-step through 
 the design process. Tweak the layouts until you're completely 
 satisfied - or start form scratch with your own design. Tons 
 of different pre-made templates to help you create the perfect 

Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/XP 
Idiot's Guide Business Card and Stationary Maker 


And We've Got A Cool & Unique Dinosaur Item for Under $2

Growing Dinosaur Egg Pets are the coolest new way to hatch 
yourself a new friend.

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It's so easy... Simply put the egg into a container of water 
and wait for the hatching. When out of the egg remove the shell 
and place the dinosaur into its own larger container of water, 
and it will continue to grow and grow. 

These novel pets are obviously not living creatures, but are 
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fun experiment. These toys are NON-TOXIC. Oh and the best 
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                       MS. PAC-MAN
                  F-R-E-E (pay only s&h)
                   Retail Price: $24.95 

             Help Ms. Pac-Man complete her quest! 

She's Tough. She's Round. She's Hungry for Luscious, Colorful 
Fruit. It's Ms. Pac-Man, the sequel to the classic Pac-Man, in 
a new series of challenging mazes. Have fun again and escape to 
a world of frantic, ghost-gobbling action. Flex your dormant 
arcade muscles and guide Ms. Pac-Man through dozens of levels, 
collect special bonus fruit and unlock the elusive, never-
before-seen Golden Maze. This game will take you back-in-time 
as if you were a child again playing the arcade version. 

Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP 
Ms. Pac Man 

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