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Publication: Biography
Dave Matthews and Orlando Bloom

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           Biography - Thursday, January 4, 2007 
       "Real stories and fascinating details behind the 
         most intriguing people who have ever lived." 

Greetings Biography Buff, 

Today I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news 
is that this will be the last issue you will receive of 
Biography, but the good news is that this list will now be 
merged with Where Are They Now! Starting next week on Fridays 
you will be receiving information that will allow you to keep 
up with celebrities of years gone by. WATN will give you 
updates you on celebrities who's 15 minutes has long since 


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--WHO AM I? 

--1. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

--2. 13th overall Draft Pick 

--3. Won the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest.

--4. Has won 3 Consecutive Championships

--5. Ranked #59 on SLAM magazine's Top 75 Players of All Time 
     in 2003.

Who am I? (Answer at the bottom)



   See if you know if the following  have had a 
   visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

--1. Peter Lawford 

--2. Jack Valenti 

--3. Jack Brickhouse

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****Some famous people born during this week in history: 

--January 9 1967 - David John Matthews 
South African, now naturalized American, Grammy-award winning 
lead vocalist and guitarist from Dave Matthews Band. He has 
also worked as a solo artist and with other musicians, most 
often with Tim Reynolds. An occasional actor, he has appeared 
in two feature films.

--January 13, 1961 - Julia Elizabeth Scarlett Louis-Dreyfus 
An Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG Award-winning American actress 
and comedian who gained popularity while playing the role of 
Elaine Benes on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld in the 1990s. She 
currently stars in the popular CBS sitcom The New Adventures 
of Old Christine.

--January 13, 1977 - Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom
An English actor, had his break-through role in the early 2000
as the elf-prince Legolas Greenleaf in The Lord of the Rings 
and blacksmith Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean 
trilogy of films, and subsequently established himself as a 
lead in Hollywood films, including Troy, Elizabethtown, and 
Kingdom of Heaven. Bloom's most recent releases are the 
sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Haven.

****Some famous people who have died during this week 
    in history: 

--January 10, 1971 - Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel  
A pioneering French fashion designer whose modernist 
philosophy, menswear-inspired fashions, and pursuit of 
expensive simplicity made her arguably the most important 
figure in the history of 20th-century fashion. Her influence 
on haute couture was such that she was the only person in the 
field to be named on TIME Magazine's 100 most influential 
people of the 20th century.

--January 14, 1957 - Humphrey DeForest Bogart 
An iconic American actor of legendary fame who retained his 
legacy after death. In 1999, the American Film Institute named 
Bogart the Greatest Male Star of All Time. Playing primarily 
smart, playful and reckless characters anchored by an inner 
moral code while surrounded by a corrupt world, Bogart's most 
notable films include Angels with Dirty Faces (1938), The 
Maltese Falcon (1941), Casablanca (1942), To Have and Have Not 
(1944), The Big Sleep (1946), Key Largo (1948), In a Lonely 
Place (1950), The African Queen (1951) (for which he won an 
Academy Award for Best Actor). Entertainment Weekly magazine 
named Bogart the number one movie legend of all time.

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--Answer to "WHO AM I?" 

Kobe Bryant


--Answers to "DEAD OR ALIVE:" 

--1. Peter Lawford - Dead

--2. Jack Valenti - Alive

--3. Jack Brickhouse - Dead

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