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Publication: Coffee Break
Bikinis too risque for Utah city

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Tuesday, June 10, 2008             

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The New York City Opera said it is planning to stage an
adaptation of Annie Proulx's short story "Brokeback

Proulx's work about a pair of cowboys who fall in love was 
the basis for Ang Lee's acclaimed 2005 film, which 
co-starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger.

The New York Times said the New York City Opera has hired 
composer Charles Wuorinen to create an opera based on the 
original story.

The opera is scheduled to premiere in 2013, the newspaper 

What are your thoughts on making 'Brokeback Mountain' into
an Opera?

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             Bikinis too risque for Utah city
The southern Utah city of Kanab has banned bikinis and other 
revealing gear at a city pool to earn a "G-rating," 
residents say.  Kanab resident Linda Osborn said by banning
bikinis, cutoffs and Speedos from the new city pool, area
officials were building from their 2006 passage of a 
natural-family resolution, which defined what a real family 
should be, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.  "They want to 
give it a G-rating," Osborn said. "This (city council) is 
the same bunch who (adopted) the natural-family (resolution
in 2006)."  The Cowboy Water'n' Hole is to officially open 
July 4 and the public uproar over the ban has left council
members reconsidering the regulation.  "That was meant for
thong bikinis and things like that," Councilwoman Nina
Laycook told the Tribune. "It was an oversight on our part.
"We'll have to amend (the policy) from time to time."


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          Pantyhose at center of workplace debate
A financial institution in Wichita, Kan., served as a
battleground in a recent dispute over pantyhose in the
workplace, a company head says.  Mid American Credit Union
President Jim Holt says his company had regulations
requiring all female employees to wear pantyhose on the
job, even when they are wearing pants, The Wall Street 
Journal reported.  While such workplace rules have drawn 
the ire of women across the United States, Holt has 
maintained the rule makes sense given the geographical
location of his company.  "We're not New York or San 
Francisco," he explained. "We're the Midwest."  However,
Holt relented on the clothing regulation recently after 
speaking with a female human resources official who
explained the out-dated nature of leggings.  Holt told the 
Journal that while pantyhose would still be advised, all 
employees would be allowed to forgo wearing them.  "I
didn't want to be so old-fashioned that people would be 
like, 'Do you require corsets, too?'" he told the


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           Therapist: Cheating can help a marriage
Cheating on one's spouse with another person can actual 
benefit a marriage in the long run, a British therapist has
suggested.  Chestnut Hill Institute Clinical Director Mira
Kirshenbaum said in her new book, "When Good People Have 
Affairs," that spouses who cheat can actually bring about
positive change, The Observer reported.  "Sometimes an
affair can be the best way for the person who has been
unfaithful to get the information and impetus to change,"
she said. "I'm not encouraging affairs, but underlying the
complicated mess is a kind of deep and delicate wisdom. 
It's an insight that something isn't working and needs to
change."  Kirshenbaum's claims have drawn the ire of some
in the mental health field who say adulterers are not
actually "good people" as she suggests, the British
newspaper said.  "Adulterers are neither kind nor good
people, so what sort of sympathy are we supposed to give 
them?" psychologist Leila Collins asked. "A good person
doesn't betray their loved ones. A good person who is 
unsatisfied in their relationship ends it before starting
a new one."

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imaginary friend when you were growing up?"

"What we know about celebrities isn't real, but each to 
their own I guess."

"There are more important people one should look up to."
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