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Publication: Coffee Break
Bible-based toys may go mainstream

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Wednesday, July 23, 2008             

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          Dutch invent new word for married gays
The Dutch Language Union has invented a new word that 
translates to "birthname" to accommodate married gay men
who feel awkward listing their "maiden" names.  The word, 
geboortenaam, was invented by the union after a civil
servant approached the group and explained that it could 
be "embarrassing" for married gay men to have to list a 
maiden name on forms, Radio Netherlands reported Wednesday.
"The word was needed because men who entered into a gay 
marriage had to fill in their 'maiden name' on official 
forms when they wanted to take on their spouse's surname,"
the language union said in its announcement.


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           Bible-based toys may go mainstream
The creator of G.I. Joe said in Orlando, Fla., that more 
of his toy creations, action figures based on Bible figures,
may be on their way to mainstream stores.  Don Levine, 80, 
who is credited with inventing the action figure with the
first G.I. Joe 45 years ago, said his line of Bible-based
Almighty Heroes toys -- including likenesses of King David,
Queen Esther, Samson and Jonah -- have been hot sellers at 
Christian bookstores and other specialty stores, the
Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Wednesday.  He said at
the International Christian Retail Show in Orlando that
mainstream retailers are now expressing an interest in 
the Almighty Heroes.  "We're working on our first order
for Wal-Mart," Levine said. "We're also working with
Target, Walgreens and others."  Levine, a Korean War
veteran, said that while he created G.I. Joe to honor his
fellow servicemen and veterans, it was a less altruistic
revelation that led him to create the Almighty Heroes -- 
there are an estimated 2 billion Christians in the world.
"Donald Levine, being in the marketing business, likes a 
niche market like that," said Levine, who is Jewish.


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           Suit: Doctor put tattoo on patient
A Camden County, N.J., woman is suing her orthopedic 
surgeon after he rubbed a temporary tattoo onto her body
while she was unconscious.  Elizabeth Mateo claims in her
suit that she did not realize until the morning after the
surgery that the surgeon, Steven Kirshner, had left a 
temporary tattoo of a rose on her abdomen while she was 
under anesthesia, the Philadelphia Enquirer reported 
Wednesday.  "She was extremely emotionally upset by it," 
said attorney Gregg Shivers, who filed the suit on Mateo's 
behalf in Camden County Superior Court.  The suit seeks
punitive and compensatory damages from Kirshner.  The
doctor admitted to placing the tattoo on Mateo but he
denied any ill intent, the newspaper reported. He said 
he often rubs temporary tattoos on patients as a means of
helping to raise their spirits after a stressful operation.
"What's offensive about this complaint is that it 
suggests something he did was intended to be prurient,
and nothing could be further from the truth," said
Kirshner's lawyer, Robert Agre. "It was intended just to 
make the patient feel better."


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